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Does High Perception of School Environment Correlate with Teacher Performance - Essay Example

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Attempts to find the bottom line of the issue and an honest answer prompted a survey to remove all doubts surrounding the debate.
The study is conducted in Atha Elementary, a…
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Does High Perception of School Environment Correlate with Teacher Performance
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"Does High Perception of School Environment Correlate with Teacher Performance"

Download file to see previous pages coming in, many educators have approached this researcher on concerns pertaining to administration support, discipline, and overall knowledge to serve their students. Some expressed concerns of not being equipped or trained properly to perform their job expectations. As the “new person” to the school, I have faced with some of the same issues.
In this study, the researcher will use stratified random sampling to find his data. Stratified random sampling involves looking at distinct subgroups while obtaining data (CustomInsight, n.d.). For the research question, “Does High Perception of School Environment Correlate with Teacher Performance,” this researcher will be looking at two groups: regular education teachers and special education teachers. Atha Elementary has 9 special education teachers and 34 regular education teachers.
The objective is to get a clear view on how educators perceive their environment. Therefore, a likert-scale must be utilized (Super Survey, 2007). This research after attitudinal information: describes how a person thinks or feels about something. Educators will be able to rate their feelings on a scale of 1 to 5 as shown below.
In order to select the appropriate method of data recording one must first understand variables. Variables are used in the study of statistics. A variable is a characteristic that can take more than one set of values that numerical measures can be assigned to: height, age, income, country, grades, and housing type (Statistics Canada, 2011).
Quantitatively, this writer will give a survey to collect initial perception of the school before professional developments are provided or major concerns are addressed. Surveys will be given to two mixed groups of elementary school educators (both groups will contain an equal amount of special and regular education teachers). Group A labeled (control group) will not be provided with options on professional development, will only meet with assistant principals at their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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