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Motivating High School Students - Essay Example

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In most cases lack of motivation leads to absenteeism, poor performance, lack of involvement in activities, and dropout cases in high schools. Most high school students are said to be undergoing various challenges while at school, these problems may include: fear of failure, lack of academic success, social pressures, lack of confidence in themselves, misplacement of papers and books, frequent absenteeism, lack of motivation and quietness while in school…
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Motivating High School Students
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Download file to see previous pages Creating changes in the planning of courses whereby the teacher is forced to have many choices of materials use in motivating these students. The teacher can spend time on discussions in class activities imposes emotion, social and moral parts of education. This is normally an effective method of motivating students to act on difficult topics in their studies. These students should be encouraged to read more books to gain more knowledge for themselves in various aspects of their studies.
Teachers are asked to focus on the students matter culturally, linguistically and socially and at the same time, they should encourage the students to choose subjects that are of interest to them. These high school students should be allowed choose a unit of their study whereby, the teacher can relate the student's preferences of the subjects by asking them questions on the subjects they like and those they dislike. 1
Motivation, in this case the high school teachers who are serious and are engaged in educating this category of students in high schools must apply the teaching techniques they have acquired in order to motivate these students to achieve their goals in school where by each child should be involved in every meaningful learning while at school.
The first step that a teacher is recommended to take is to know what the students like or dislike about the school activities and what they would recommend the school to do to enable them have an environment that makes them to learn better. The teacher should also interview the other teachers including carrying out class observations whereby the teacher is enabled to know the strengths and weaknesses of each student who needs motivation under this, the teacher should include the activities and preferences of each student with their personal goals.
The teacher should therefore learn to like all students despite their differences in school work performances. He should create an environment for every student in which they can be free to ask their own questions, under this, the teacher is recommended not to be too serious thus he should engage himself in creating funs during his lessons in order to break the boredom that some students may be facing which leads them to dislike the particular teacher which may lead to poor performance by the students in that particular subject that the teacher teaches.
Teachers are encouraged to be caring and be able to give attention and assistance to each and every student in his class. This is said to be normally the major factor leading to improvement in the achievement of the students' school goals. The teacher who is engaged in motivating the students should therefore ensure that the students are given personal assistance using various teaching strategies which ensures that every student begin his study work with a success before proceeding to a more challenging work, therefore, the teacher should start by working on the strength of the student but not on his weakness. 2
The teacher is supposed to create an environment in which students are allowed to explain a difficult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Motivating High School Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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