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What are three rewards and three challenges that you will face as a teacher - Essay Example

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First and foremost it needs to be mentioned that I am in the teaching profession because I emphatically believe that this is the vocation that I am destined to pursue for the rest of my life. During the course of my career I will get ample opportunities to make a real difference…
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What are three rewards and three challenges that you will face as a teacher
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Extract of sample "What are three rewards and three challenges that you will face as a teacher"

Three Rewards and the Three Challenges that I will Expect as a Teacher of the Education Name of the Concerned Professor
December 16, 2011
Three Rewards and the Three Challenges that I will Expect as a Teacher
First and foremost it needs to be mentioned that I am in the teaching profession because I emphatically believe that this is the vocation that I am destined to pursue for the rest of my life. During the course of my career I will get ample opportunities to make a real difference in the contemporary education system. Yet, I also expect to come across many daunting and demanding challenges in my pursuit to make a realistic and meaningful contribution to the lives of my students.
It goes without saying that kids constitute the most innocent and impressionable strata of the society. So the very privilege of getting the opportunity to shape and direct the young minds as a teacher is a great reward in itself (Kauchak &Eggen, 2010). Besides, it is a discernable, yet, never accepted fact that teaching is not regarded by the contemporary society as a real and challenging profession (Kauchak & Eggen, 2010). Very few people harbor the ambition and desire to choose teaching as a profession. So, as a teacher I will find it really tempting to present myself as a competitive and ambitious role model dedicated to serving the society, in the field of education. As a teacher I intend to be really proactive in my approach and choices. I not only aim to do the best where I am placed, but also aspire to advance in the ranks by the dint of my sincerity and dedication, intending to ascend the professional platform where I have the power to make the real changes required in the contemporary education system.
I am also aware of the challenges that I will have to face as a teacher. One immediate challenge will be the academic norms set by the No Kid Left behind Act. In my opinion the kind of standardization and homogenization that this Act has ushered in the education system has pragmatically done very little to improve it (Cochran-Smith, 2005, p. 99). I also hold that a teacher tends to be the part of a team involving other stakeholders like parents and the society (Kauchak & Eggen, 2010). Considering my intolerance for the lack of parental involvement, I think this issue will be the other big challenge that I will have to deal with as a teacher. As I have already said that teaching is about team work, hence a single teacher cannot bring about the desired changes in a systematic and timely manner, unless one’s zeal and enthusiasm is to some extent shared by one’s seniors, colleagues and the entire system in general (Moore, 2004, p. 133) . So one more challenge for me will be to bring in a leadership that intends to restore passion and zeal, back to the teaching profession and the overall education system.
I have a firm conviction that considering my education, commitment and the clarity of vision, I will be a real asset to the institution in which I will serve.

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