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2 films - Essay Example

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Richard Dadier, whose character is played by Glenn Ford. The schools other staff members come across as being rather apathetic. The schools principle Mr. Warneke seems…
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2 films
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"2 films"

Download file to see previous pages Dadier but the two gradually get to respect each other.
View of Teaching: Richard Dadiers view of education is rather idealistic to start with and out of touch with the schools realities but this turns as he gets to interact with his new reality more and more through out the movie. The principle has a rather hard time admitting the schools disciplinary issues. He struggles to assert his authority on the unruly students and since he has a disciplined approach to running the school though its ineffective at best.
View of Students: Despite the principles attempts to instill discipline, the students end up more unruly and undisciplined. The students actually develop gangs and are led by leaders that hate the principal. The students are seen by Mr. Dadier as being able to change and be more disciplined thus harboring potential to perform well in school. However the new teacher Joshua Edwards is so Naïve in his impression of the students that they end up picking on him and destroying his music records. The decisions made by the principal are for the good running of the school and for the students some are just there to pass the time till they can attain legal age to go do their own things away from school without the risk of being taken to reform school.
For his first teaching job and faces a multitude of problems in his new role. He does his Job well and plays his role well throughout the movie interacting with both the teachers and students adequately to achieve his goals and principles.
Gregory Miller: he is the rather intelligent and slightly less bitter student class leader as compared to Artie West. Initially he also has a dislike for Mr. Dadier which diminishes with time as respect for each other grows gradually all through the film. He initially tried hard to maximize his benefits from his education but soon realizes no one cares. This makes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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