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Specifically, its design is well speculated to support the web based learning courses and other academic supplements. All this is made possible via its diverse tools and features that enrich…
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Blackboard A blackboard refers to an online tool the use to facilitate learning process. Specifically, its design is well speculated to support the web based learning courses and other academic supplements. All this is made possible via its diverse tools and features that enrich the academic content and experience. Primarily, it works via integration of all the sessions and content taught in a certain duration of time. It is a modern method of leaning as it facilitates communication between the students, instructors, and programmers. There are diverse tools and features that enable the process of content delivery to the students, in a bid to enhance student centered learning. Such tools include chat rooms, wikis, blogs, peer assessment, groups, and discussion boards. Therefore, the core aim of the research is to dig out into the significance of the virtual blackboard in modern learning. In achieving the objectives, various scholarly sources will be analyzed. Moreover, various case analysis will be conducted on various institutions that have shown adoption to the program, counterchecking the advantages, shortcomings, effectiveness, and the diverse features facilitating its use.
The discussion board does enhance communication. All the students can engage in discussions, a tool that leads to creativity and innovation. Forums are different discussion topics students can engage in at a time. Some discussion features enables the instructor to follow up on what the student has done over time, hence perfect evaluation tools. Additionally they empower students, promote exploratory learning, and enhance reflection.
Chat rooms lead to generation of ideas arising during and after classwork. Blackboards groups are the foundation of collaborative learning. They contribute to diversity, interpersonal growth, active learning, and opportunity to feedback provision. They come along with other features such as members’ enrolment key, groups’ creation, personalization, and disabling vs. enabling protocol. The peers’ assessment tool promotes the listening, analysis and critique aspects among students and their work. The assessment aids in fairness maintenance during assessments, judgment skills development, and workload reduction for instructors and acts as a learning opportunity. Blogs are online platforms whose role is to facilitate interaction via leaving the comments on the materials provided. Students who may fail to be active in class may divert their attention to blogs. As collaborative tools, they enhance consistent discussion and creativity.
The modern learner requires consistent motivation to gain much from the learning process. The instructor can utilize the blackboard and its diverse tools to motivate and captivate the learner. The student remains the center of learning, while the instructor’s work is reduced considerably (Momani and Abualkishik).
Works cited
Momani, FMSH, and AM Abualkishik. “Factors Influencing Students’ Intention to Adopt Mobile Blackboard.” International Journal of Science and Research 3 (2014): 2012–2015. Print.
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