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If we consider the traditional definition of blackboard, it says, "A blackboard is a rectangular shaped, smooth, surface hard, dark-colored panel for writing on with white colored chalk". Such type of boards are still used in classrooms the world-over. …
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University blackboard
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Download file to see previous pages If we consider the traditional definition of blackboard, it says, "A blackboard is a rectangular shaped, smooth, surface hard, dark-colored panel for writing on with white colored chalk". Such type of boards are still used in classrooms the world-over. White board has replaced the blackboard, with the writing material now multicolored sketch pens instead of chalks. But now we are living in the IT era. Blackboard is now known as something of a community portal. In the university environment students use it to interact with each other or with the tutor. In the formative years of IT era this concept was brought up initially within a LAN environment and this type of sharing was known as Bulletin Board arrangement. Now the term 'blackboard' encompasses many more dimensions including the worldwide web. Now it can be defined as a web-based software system which is used to for face to face teaching/ learning or distance education programmes and supports flexible teaching and learning. The blackboard also provides tools and facilities for managing the courses online, for managing and sharing the contents, for some online collaboration and communication with peer academicians and of course the assessment management. In a nutshell Blackboard can be defined as a system that facilitates and manages electronic communication and access to materials or information. Tutors use a blackboard for supporting our learning.Students are the saplings of a healthy society. ...
iii. Students don't miss out on the days' lectures even if they could not attend the days' lecture. They can access the lecture-bank later.
iv. Students can write back their doubts and messages for professors and fellow students.
v. The student community can share valuable learning resources like module outlines, lecture notes, assignment briefs etc.
vi. Blackboard can very well become a broadcast media for all students in communicating general announcements, emails etc.
vii. The student community can make good use of the chat rooms.
viii. Students can undertake online 'private group work, create e-portfolios and take short-answer tests and surveys.

3. Blackboard and the Staff
Role of support staff in this teaching learning process is very crucial. For example if we take out the paramedical staff from hospital services, the hospital is no longer able to work, though doctor is considered to be the man responsible for curing the patient. Similarly the support staff provides the backbone to the teaching-learning processes.
i. The IT staff has be very prompt in its reflexes for the network to work properly
ii. In fact in blackboard learning experiences the roles and responsibilities of other support staff becomes secondary.
iii. Making extensive use of University blackboard will make it convenient for the university staff to handle the students.
iv. There will be least face to face interactions with students. At times students become very demanding, creating unpleasant scene for the staff.
v. Management task becomes comparatively hassle-free.
vi. Role of the course coordinator becomes very important as he is responsible for planning and coordinating the delivery of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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University Blackboard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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