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Talent Acquisition within Aviation Industry - Essay Example

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This paper endeavors to:
1)To evaluate the process of talent recruitment, attraction, and retention within the aviation industry
2)To identify the impact of talent acquisition in aviation industry
3)To identify the main focus of talent acquisition in the aviation industry…
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Talent Acquisition within Aviation Industry
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Extract of sample "Talent Acquisition within Aviation Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that an effective talent acquisition model should focus on identification of recruitment gaps, suggest means of overcoming recruitment gaps, analyse talent acquisition strategy adopted by a company, determine the cost of talent acquisition, and analyse the impact of talent acquisition in a company. Talent acquisition model should also determine the flexibility of talent acquisition in a company. This should occur along with change management and execution of various strategies adopted in the company. This provides room for human resource management of the company to make the necessary adjustments in their talent acquisition strategies. The analysis of Talent Acquisition Model will aid in answering research questions. The model will be applied in the selected aviation industry companies. Talent Acquisition Model aids in identification of challenges and needs of talent acquisition in a company. The model identifies recruitment gaps, as well as identifying means of addressing the recruitment gaps. According to Sluis, talent management in an organization is crucial in order to ensure that the organization has the potential to accomplish its anticipated goals and objectives. Organization talent management focuses on utilization of skills effectively. Most of multinational organizations focus on talent recruitment at a global scene. However, this recruitment strategy has been impacted by liberalizations policies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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