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Updated Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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The following addition to the existing annotated bibliography presents a list of key section headings for stratifying the…
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Updated Annotated Bibliography
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Extract of sample "Updated Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages ed data, including the additional bibliographic information, purpose of work, critique, and worth of the presented information, are provided in this work. Each source is catalogued in APA format by authors, year of publication, title of work, location, and publisher. The paper makes use of various sources like published research materials and Internet articles.
Badur, G. (2003). International students perspectives on their cross-cultural adjustment to American higher education. J. C. P. G. Palmer. United States -- Illinois, Illinois State University. Illinois State University.
This study examines the cross-cultural adjustment of international students from India, China, South Korea, and Japan in a Midwestern public university to identify factors that inhibit or assist in their academic, social, and cultural journeys as they participate in campus life. Graduate and undergraduate students were chosen from the targeted countries with a follow-up interview. The research was based on a host of socio-cultural and educational theories. The focus was mainly on their experience with using English, academic and social competence and approach to American culture. The findings suggest areas of improvement in service delivery to the students in terms of catering to their various academic and social needs.
Chaparro, D. P. (2009). Are our efforts worthwhile? International students perceptions of a project-based program designed to internationalize higher education. D. D. Hendel. United States -- Minnesota, Educational Policy and Administration. Educational Policy and Administration.
This qualitative research focuses on international students perspectives on a project-based program designed to internationalize higher education. It shows that the Culture Corps project had helped international students in getting acclimatized to the university setting academically, linguistically and culturally. The study explains the basis of the Culture Corp project, undertaken by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Updated Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Updated Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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..., special education services etc. should be provided regularly at an early age to derive maximum benefit. Autism: Description of characteristics and potential impact on development: Citation: a. b. Brasic, James Robert. Updated: Sep 10, 2008. Mayoclinic staff, May 31, 2008; Updated May 14, 2009. Treatment and Drugs, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and research. c. Simpson, R. L., Myles, B. S., Griswold, D. E., Adams, L. G., de Boer-Ott, S. R. & Kline S. A. (2004). Autism spectrum...
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... the concepts to the simple laymen, general business personnel and non-specialists, and detailed enough for the highly skilled technicians, the professionals as well as the academics. Nanotechnology Made Clear Boysen, Earl and Boysen, Nancy (wife). Owned and published by Hawks Perch Technical Writing, LLC.j Updated: Copyright ©2007 – Present. Accessed: November 9, 2011. The purpose of the site is to explain the basic concepts related to nanotechnology and refer to the latest news, events and articles. The author Earl Boysen was a co-author of the book Nanotechnology for Dummies (Richard Booker & Earl Boysen, Wiley Publishing). He started the website with view to explaining the concepts in book in simpler...
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February 02, Designation Company Dear Sir or Madam; Due to financial difficulty, our is closing down its dining hall. As an alternative to the dining hall, we would instead help students instead prepare their own food in their residence rooms. We are in the process of canvassing for the best alternative we could provide to our students and your ad in the University Management Magazine caught our attention.
We are particularly interested with your microwave ovens. We are however on tight schedule because the board of truestees only made the decision to close the dining hall last week and we would like to have the alternative become available as soon as possible. Such, we would like to know if it would be possible for your c...
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Relevant Literature in Sex Education retrieve information. The book is updated and covers most recent developments in the subject. References Allerston, Sue, and Graham T. Davies. Sex education. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, 2001. Print. Campos, David. Understanding gay and lesbian youth lessons for straight school teachers, counselors, and administrators. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2005. Print. Davis, Jenny. Sex education: a novel. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 19951988. Print. Fields, Jessica. Risky lessons sex education and social inequality. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 2008. Print. Halstead, J. Mark, and Michael J. Reiss. Values in sex education: from principles to practice. London: RoutledgeFalmer, 2003....
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Annotated Bibliography

...their families especially in divorce stricken situations. Each of these claims is backed by relevant citations further solidifying and concretizing the arguments as advanced by the two authors. Coleman, L., & Glenn, F. (2010). The Varied Impact of Couple Relationship Breakdown on Children: Implications for Practice and Policy. Children and Society , 24, 238-249. Coleman and Glenn brings into the Children and Divorce debate a more updated and authoritative approach when examining this topic. I particularly selected this article given this unique institutional dimension in bringing the aspect of research review of international literature towards assessing the impacts that relationship breakdown of parents have on children and the...
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The Use of Urinary Catheters in the Nursing Field

..., CUNP, Melissa Morrison, RN, AND Janelle Harris, MSN, RN GNP Copstead, L., & Banasik, J. (2005) pathophysiology (3rd ed.). St. Lous, MO: Elsevier Saunders. Pp 684-708. Jennifer meddings, s. l. (2013). Making healthcare safer II: an updated critical analysis of the evidence for patient safety practices. Rockville. Lindsay E. Nicolle: Department of internal medical medicine and medical microbiology, University of Manitoba, health sciences center, Room GG443-820 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB R3A1R9, Canada NHS. (2015, February 19). Urinary Catheterization. Retrieved from NHS choices: Pratt, R, J (2007) Epic 2: national evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare...
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Changing from Local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to International Financial Reporting Standards

The article discusses and analyzes certain documents that talks about the issues concerned and/or how to deal with them. The first article is from Leslie Stevens – Huffman entitled Busting IFRS Myths which talks about the truth behind the impact of the adoption of IFRS for U. S. – based companies. The second is entitled Global Accounting Firm CEOs on Challenges – Transitioning from GAAP to IFRS, and More and was written by Ellen M. Heffes. This article is all about the challenges faced not only by the CEOs but also by auditing firms as well, and how these firms are meeting these challenges head-on. The third article is by Lewis Dulitz and its title is IFRS: A Preparer’s Point of View. Published in April 200...
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The Utility of the Forensic Sciences within the United States Military

..., Safing, Fuzing and Firing IV Conference, 7070. This is a paper submitted to present another look at law enforcement technology that is not known by all. This author has created the identification of Microstamping that he says are better than the older form of looking at the striations that are made when the fire arm is made. The old method only finds about 50% of fire arms used in crimes. Marshall, G. (1994). The concise Oxford dictionary of sociology. Oxford, NY: Oxford University Press. Marshall presents a dictionary of sociological terms that is also cross referenced. It is very comprehensive and the author has updated the volume ad it includes international terms. It gives a good foundation of information for those researchers who...
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Analysis of the Sources about Online Learning

...researchers to review abstracts of the articles that is a significant way of facilitating visitors in selecting the relevant materials. The current issue on the website is of December 2009 that includes research papers, case studies, and position/opinion papers related to online learning and teaching that are available in html and pdf formats that will be very valuable in analyzing innovative forms of online learning in updated manner. In order to understand the scope of the journal, some of the topics of the current issue are “online teaching experience, impact of video tutorials, perceptions in online courses, video-conference pedagogy, benefits of face-to-face interaction in online courses, etc” (MERLOT, 2009). Thus, such varying...
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Lumber Spine Disc Prolapsed in MRI

... Introduction: The spine has an important physiological role as a support for the body. As cited by Ballinger (1986, 286) it is known otherwise as the backbone or the vertebral column. It is made up of the vertebral bones together with discs formed from fibro cartilage. It is made up of five different sections – the cervical spine in the neck region, the thoracic spine which extends the length of the chest. This then continues down the lumber and sacral spine and ends with the bones of the coccyx. Within the lumbar spine are 5 vertebrae named as L1 (Lumber One) to L5 (Ballinger 1986, 268). The painful and incapacitating prolapse of a lumber spine disc or discs is one... Introduction: The ...
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UK Food Retail Sector

According to Bain and the Michigan State University, the change in the practices of UK retailers, their institutes and market demand for fresh produce has provided the positive impetus. This momentum is currently responsible for establishing a wider, multi-pronged endeavor by retailers to respond to the current risks and opportunities of fresh producers and retail stores in the suburbs of UK. Bain and the Michigan State University have shaped their assumptions and facts in accordance with the buying practices, development of solid anxieties and disagreements amongst food growers in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the writers have not managed to spend the time component to address the impact and trend of retailers and the ind...
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...=AFQjCNHUbicT_CoHGnUNpHsEgbjM1_Fwfg&sig2=pf0enaEs5cUWCqS-mEBjrQ&bvm=bv.42965579,d.aGc. This article exposes the necessity in conducting needs assessment in relation to the functions of a human resource department. As such, it begins with an updated discussion on what needs assessment is and how it must be used to attain specific corporate goals. After this, it outlines the tools that are often used in conducting needs assessment and how it must be implemented in relation to the objectives set. 13) Swist, Jeannette (2001). Conducting a Training Needs Assessment. AMX International Incorporated. Retrieved 28 Feb 2013 from...
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Human Resources Development

...: Theory and Practice. South Africa: Juta and Company Ltd. The source describes the importance of human resource development, the need to tailor the HRD according to the organisation’s strategy and structure, and the reasons why companies train and educate employees. In addition, the source relates human resource development and human resource management (HRM0 and relates the model for systematic training to HRM and HRD. Furthermore, the source discusses the mechanisms of evaluating human resource development. The information in this source is clear, easy to understand, and not biased. More so, the information is relevant and updated hence applicable in this study. “Fundamentals of human resource development” (n.y). Retrieved from: http...
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Security Quality Requirements

... network to signal when an intrusion occurs, where to find latest updates on defects and fixes and more secure replacements. Norton stresses that in securing networks; security analysts, educational security forces like CERT, and security products developers can aid in protecting such as intrusion detection systems. The author further describes how to win the cooperation of these stakeholders in the war against network crackers by educating network users, network administrators can guard against social engineering attacks, password cracking attacks, and other external attacks. “This requires education and cooperation of your users.” (336) Norton also explains how to provide access to a network safely while supporting users and protecting...
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... Annotated Bibliography of Francis Bacon and the Four Idols of the Mind Sorana, Corneanu and Vermeir Koen. “Idols of the Imagination: Francis Bacon on the Imagination and the Medicine of the Mind”. Perspectives on Science, 20.2, (2012):183-206. p24 The article relied on Bacon’s ideology and it establishes their relationships from the mental-medicine perspective. Sorana and Koen argued that imagination played the most important role and they further examined how imagination served as the crucial point of the idolic mind using the Bacon’s tree of knowledge. The article focuses on four branches of Bacon’s ideology and they include: the mind, the body and their leagues. In addition, the article further examined the relationship... Annotated...
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Advertising in the Fashion Industry

... in understanding why some consumers spend all their earnings on fashion products. The authors use credible and updated sources to support their claims; however, they are not quite clear on how anticipated emotions and taste anticipation influence consumption impulses. Citation Lahiri, Isita and Humaira Siddika. “Fashion Behaviour: Detangling Promotional Factors.” Globsyn Management Journal. 8.1/2 (2014): 64-76. Business Source Premier. Web. 8 June 2015. Summary The authors of this study used a quantitative research methodology to investigate the impact of apparel promotion or advertising on fashion behaviour propagated by consumers in Bangladesh and West Bengal. The authors argued that “powerful market stimulants such as fashion shows...
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Should Children and Adolescent under 18 be Allowed to Have a Smartphone

...Should children and adolescent under 18 be allowed to have a smartphone The entry of smartphones into the global market has made things exceptionally easy. The advancement of technology makes everyone wants to be part of it hence no one wants to be left behind. Children and adolescents under 18 are no exception. Provided their parents can afford the gadget. It is significant that the teenagers have smartphones in their possession part from providing a means of communication with parents and friends, smartphones are equipped with operating systems that allow access to the internet which improves on literacy and provides other crucial services. I will provide significant sources that argue the significance of allowing adolescents... children...
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