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Community College Issue Paper - Essay Example

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Community College Issue Paper Year of Foundation and the Purpose of Atlanta Technical College Atlanta Technical College was founded with the title of Smith–Hughes Vocational School in the year 1945, i.e. during the Second World War. By the year 1964, the school offered around 24 professional programs…
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Community College Issue Paper
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"Community College Issue Paper"

Download file to see previous pages Later in the year 2000, the name of the educational institute was again changed to Atlanta Technical College (Atlanta Technical College, 2011). The purpose of the college since its establishment has been to generate awareness and facilitate access to better career opportunities through its contribution in the education sector, which can further facilitate the society to enhance lifestyle. The college thereby intended to benefit students by providing quality support services and programs that could ensure satisfaction among the learners assisting them with greater growth prospects. The college aims to develop the adult learners with efficient qualities to perform in the employment sector within the local, state, national and international contexts. It also aims to ensure the education quality of the institution with due regard to the external economic environment and the changes taking place in relation to the socio-cultural dimensions (Atlanta Technical College, 2011). The Campus Layout The campus layout of the Atlanta Tech Area allows entrance from both the Southern Direction and the Northern Direction. The campus layout of Atlanta Technical College comprises the Cleveland L. Dennard Building and the Main Campus. The Cleveland L. Dennard Building further includes the Cleveland L. ...
m. (Atlanta Technical College, n.d.). Undoubtedly, the university venue is spread in a vast area which increases the requirement of facilitating easy searching for buildings and classrooms. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the college directs its visitors through appropriate map of its buildings and the surrounding area in its official website enhancing the ease to find out the venue. Furthermore, students and visitors are also assisted with adequate information from the receptions which are present in almost every building of the college (Atlanta Technical College, 2011). The campus map has been illustrated below. Campus Layout of Atlanta Tech Area (Atlanta Technical College, 2011) Admission and Registration Processes Atlanta Technical College is open for all students who are eligible for admission in colleges and being devoted towards satisfying the needs of education in the modern society irrespective of racial, ethnic, and age based differences among others. The admission and the registration process practiced in the college can be identified as a multi-step procedure that attempts to examine the academic qualifications and competitiveness of passing high school degree to select the qualified candidates. The applicants for the admission procedure are therefore examined on the basis of certain criteria specified in the terms and conditions of the entrance tests. The college also practices transparency policies, in accordance to which, if applicants are found to obtain admission through false information, they would be terminated without the repayment of the admission fees. Additionally, as a punitive measure, the documents and related information of applicants are to be withheld by the college authority and restricting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community College Issue Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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