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Community college budget cut - Research Paper Example

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Community college and state university budget cut is one of the political issues that have generated heated debate among students, school administrators, and the public. The budget cuts have completely affected learning in most state-funded institutions of higher learning. Most…
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Community college budget cut
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Download file to see previous pages Other than reducing student enrollment, some institutions have been forced to limit the number of programs they are offering due to the budget cuts. Laying-off of workers has been reported in some institutions because the institution can no longer sustain them. This phenomenon is evident in states that fund their institutions of higher learning. The paper will explore community college and state university budget cut, and how this political issue will affect the government and the people of the United States, now and in the future.
In her article, “State Colleges Forced to Limit Programs,” Laurie Beth Harris asserts that the state colleges will be forced to limit their programs due to the budget cuts. The author begins by stating that the demand for jobs in the fields of health care and engineering has continued to expand. However, states such as Texas, Florida, and New York have abolished programs at the public universities in subjects like engineering and computer science. The elimination of these programs is attributed to the budget cuts. Apart from elimination of the entire programs, the schools have been incapable of expanding popular programs to meet the demand of the students. For instance, in Raleigh North Carolina, Wake Technical Community College has seen its enrolment expand by approximately 30% in the previous three years and at the same time getting budget cuts from the state of approximately 21% (Harris 1).
The community college is popular for its nursing program, which is limited to 275 students; however, there are close to 1000 individuals waiting to be enrolled into the program. This has forced Wake Tech to develop a waiting list for the nursing program. While some students are waiting to be enrolled into the nursing program, others are positioned in a prenursing program. With the limited spots (275 individuals) for the nursing program, stakes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community College Budget Cut Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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