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Why the government should not cut schools budget - Research Paper Example

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Education makes a person perfect. The differences between an educated person and an uneducated person can be witnessed in the behaviors. The educated person may get better social acceptance because of his better behavior and superior abilities in tackling life problems…
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Why the government should not cut schools budget
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Extract of sample "Why the government should not cut schools budget"

Download file to see previous pages Education makes a person perfect. The differences between an educated person and an uneducated person can be witnessed in the behaviors. The educated person may get better social acceptance because of his better behavior and superior abilities in tackling life problems The main purpose of education is to develop good citizens. In other words, lack of education may result in the development of antisocial elements of unhealthy citizens. Moreover, education is one of the essential requirements for achieving a better profession. In the current world, only the educated person will be capable of meeting the professional challenges. A person who does not have ideas about the changing trends in the world may not be a success in his profession. In short, the importance of education in human life cannot be underestimated at any circumstances. However, there are tendencies to cut down the educational budgets by the governments. Government often cites lack of funds for cutting down the educational budgets. In a heavily globalized current world, governments are trying to cut down their expenses in public services or stay away from public utility services. Privatization of educational sector may result in increased educational costs which may prevent people from attending schools and colleges.This paper argues that the government should never cut down the educational budget or stay away from executing their basic responsibilities of giving proper education to its citizens. One of the toughest blows and most shocking hypocrisies of the Bush education budget is his plan to entirely end the Perkins Loan Program, which historically has forgiven student loans for qualified teachers as inducement for them to teach in schools serving students from low-income families, students with disabilities, or in the fields of mathematics, science, foreign languages, or bilingual education (White) It should be noted that Bush had no hesitation in spending trillions of dollars for wars. He underestimated the values of education and the social changes education can bring to the society. Education drives a person from a known to unknown world. Current world is a mysterious one and our knowledge about the current world is limited when we consider the hidden things in this world. Better knowledge about the world is essential for better living. This knowledge can be provided to the children only through education. Cutting down of educational budgets may increase the chances of intrusion of private institutions in educational sector. Intrusion of private people in educational sector may further commercialize the educational world. Education should be considered as a divine process and commercialization of education should be prevented as much as possible. Cutting down of educational budgets will prevent proper interference of government in the educational sector and the private business people may exploit the possibilities. Knowledge is exploding from all corners and the advancements in science and technology are immense. However, educationalists all over the world have strong doubts about how well the governments able to deliver this knowledge explosion to the students. In other words, the quality or standards of education at present is questionable. Some people believe that the standards of the education improved a lot with the introduction of new curriculum strategies like problem solving methods rather than lecture based methods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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