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People really need go to college to learn - Research Paper Example

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If a person goes to a college, he/she will no doubt learn a lot despite many claims made in the present times that a person may not need to have any educational degrees to his/her name in order to stay happy and contented. When people not just rely on themselves to learn and…
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People really need go to college to learn
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Extract of sample "People really need go to college to learn"

Download file to see previous pages her people should head towards colleges and campuses in order to seek knowledge or same can be done even if they say goodbye to the typically educational environment of a classroom involving a well learned scholar and students. It also explains on what grounds people should stay on the decision to continue going to a campus or college and not be thwarted by the opposite forces which could block the way to mutual learning. Though college education is seen as the key to a facilitated life, Murray argues about traditional way of learning saying that one’s individual intelligence should be seen as a potent indicator of success than college grades and though “young people need some training after high school, but pursuing a bachelors is a clumsy, ineffectual way to get the training they need” (Murray, cited in Marklein).
Critics of going to school to learn suggest that though great educational accomplishments could be achieved with the help of fellow students’ and professors’ combined help and support, still learning should never be thought of as a process which could be limited to schools, colleges, or universities especially in the present times. Today there are so many live blogs, high profile lectures, and educational tips available on internet that any thing desired to be noticed is literally at finger tips of a student. One word is all that needs to be typed in the Google search bar and next second, thousands of links are readily available to be checked out so that latest realities concerning a subject could be unfolded by those links. All critics of traditional learning which involves getting education formally in a proper setup are actually against the traditional or conventional concept because it is a common practice among many parents and students to waste wads of cash after colleges’ or universities’ names and so they pay more attention to the college’s name than on a student’s individual personality. It is an undeniable reality that a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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