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Wall Street was bailed out by the government recently.” The protests, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, began on September 17 as hundreds of people descended on the streets of Manhattans financial district. Since then, the movement has spread to dozens of other cities.
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Deets ENG 101 11 October Occupy Wall Street Protests Wall Street was bailed out by the government recently.” The protests, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, began on September 17 as hundreds of people descended on the streets of Manhattans financial district. Since then, the movement has spread to dozens of other cities.
  The movement, which is modeled after social-media-driven demonstrations in the Middle East, aims to raise awareness about the role financial institutions played in the continued economic downturn affecting the world markets, and to show their discontent at the lukewarm attempts to prosecute those at fault. Demonstrators are also rallying against the state of the war in Afghanistan, the state of the environment, and a wide array of other domestic and international issues.” (Mohsinzaheer, 2011)
Similar protests to the one in New York have broken out in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to protest the adding of the Predator Drone to the exhibits. The Predator drone is responsible for killing innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, during the protest a blogger, not particularly fond of the ‘Occupy Protests’, began making some noise and in the end everyone in front of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum during this particular protest wound up getting pepper sprayed by the police on hand.
There have also been further protests as far South as Tampa, Florida and as far west as San Francisco, California. In Houston, the people protesting were fighting the big profiteering that government tries to do when raising taxes and cutting jobs lying off city workers. At one point this protest was moved, or forced to move, from its original location in front of City Hall to a nearby park which is twenty minutes from city hall. However once the festival was over, the protests returned to in front of City Hall. The protestors are just trying to show the government what they believe is best for them and not letting the government into railroading them.
The protest in New York was showing the other cities across the Nation, that if you stand up for your beliefs you will be heard. People from all walks of life are joining in these protests from the rich to the poor. Everyone at these protests is just there to show their opinion to the public and hope for change to come to the way cities, states, and the U.S. is run. The protest on Wall Street wants to show, amongst other ideals, that it is not the people causing the economic downturn but the banks are the ones that have caused a Global Economic Downturn.
In conclusion, the Occupy Protests are in a lot of cities around the United States. Almost every major city across this Nation has one somewhere. People are using the First Amendment right to show to the public what injustices are being brought about and hoping that the public will take an interest in it and do something about it when the time comes.
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THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN EDUCATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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