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Without the presence of competitive environment, the sporting activity would lose its objective. Fundamentally, various members such as players, coaching…
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Ethics in sports administration
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Ethics in Sports Administration A sport is defined as a physical activity governed by a set of rules or customs under the spirit of competitive environment. Without the presence of competitive environment, the sporting activity would lose its objective. Fundamentally, various members such as players, coaching staff and management, referees, fans and media, collectively frame sporting activities. Consequently, each member has its own rules and regulations to carry out their part of role in sporting activities (Guler, 2003). Apart from that, they have ethical obligations such as avoid using illegal and unauthorized drugs, avoiding misbehavior with competing players, coach, manager and other staff members.
The application of ethical practices has broader impacts in sports. Players adopting ethical practices would directly serve the cause of competitive environment within the sporting activities. The related members such as referees would be better equipped to make proper sporting and judgmental decisions; the fans would enjoy the true competition among and between different players; and the coach will see its efforts bearing true fruit.
Research question
The paper provides a research question that what are ethical responsibilities of players? The main reason for selecting this research question is that on a ground, all other members play their respective role due to players sporting activities.
Hypothesis and null hypothesis
The paper proposes that ethical practices promote sporting competence and improve performance of players. Here, an independent variable is sporting competence and sporting performance is a dependent variable.
There is no significant difference between whether a player is coming at the middle order level or lower middle level is an example of null hypothesis. And, ranking and performance are independent and dependent variables respectively of null hypothesis.
Works cited
Guler, Necati, “Ethics in sports,” 2003. 23June, 2011 Read More
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Ethics in Sports Administration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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