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Recommendation Letter for Studying at the Oxford University - Essay Example

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In the paper “Recommendation Letter for Studying at the Oxford University,” the author provides a letter of recommendation for Sergey Zhigzhitov, an extremely talented and respectable student. Sergey is a diligent student with immense potential…
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Recommendation Letter for Studying at the Oxford University
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Extract of sample "Recommendation Letter for Studying at the Oxford University"

Recommendation Letter for Studying at the Oxford University
It is a great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Sergey Zhigzhitov, an extremely talented and respectable student of mine. Sergey is a diligent student with immense potential. He is a respectable representative of young generation of Russian political scientists. Looking at his performance and achievements, I am sure that he has all the qualities needed to become a respected lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
Sergey has completed his graduation from Moscow State University, where he acquired a strong foundation of conducting Political Science research. Since his graduation, he is conducting researches under my direct supervision as I am his scientific advisor for past two years. His dissertation topic is based on institutional aspects of stateness of Central Asian states. We co-operate each other strongly while handling different scientific and educational issues. Sergey has shown great efficiency and accuracy in carrying out his responsibilities while working on joint scientific projects (like ‘World Political dynamics’). He also has an innovative and creative approach towards problem solving. The qualities of responsible nature, positive energy and optimism have gained him respect from his colleagues. All these dynamic qualities have led Sergey to achieve steady and fast progress. Sergey has passed all his University examinations with an “A” grade marking.
Sergey’s distinguished qualities have helped him to outperform students not only from his own academic group, but also from the whole department. His academic achievements, especially in the scientific field, are worth mentioning. Sergey’s projects were always among the best in his academic group. The depth of analysis, precision and the logical conclusions of his scientific work have always brought him victory and recognition at different contests and conferences. Also, a number of his scientific works are extremely impressive. At present, ten of Sergey’s articles are published in Political Science publications. Two of the ten articles are published in scientific magazines registered by the SCC (Superior Certification Commission). Getting ten articles published at this early phase of career is a great achievement in itself. Now, under my supervision, he has written a new article, ‘Stateness problems: basic approaches to conceptualization’, which will be his eleventh published article.
During the pedagogy practice in the Political Science department, Sergey taught the course of “Political Analysis and Statistics”. Sergey’s innovative approach towards teaching and great communication skills were the strongest advantages observed. My association with Sergey has allowed me to observe him closely. Sergey is gifted with powerful leadership qualities, strong aspiration for professional growth, purposefulness, benevolence and flexible nature. He is not only intelligent, but is also goal oriented and brings his ideas into action. He has displayed great amount of responsibility and maturity while working on research projects. I strongly believe that an opportunity to study at the Oxford University will not only enhance his qualities but will also groom him to become an able lecturer. At the Oxford University, he will get the hands on experience of work and also a chance to interact with brilliant people. At the same time, with the help of his innovative ideas and professional experience, Sergey will make significant contribution to the intellectually stimulating environment of the Oxford University. His performance has proved that he deserves a chance to study at the best university in the world. Hence, I will be grateful if Sergey Zhigzhitov is given an opportunity to study at the Oxford University. Read More
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