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Veterinary Clinic - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the following paper “Veterinary Clinic” the author calls attention to a potential issue people may face as our pet grows older. All want your pet to receive the best care possible, but as ages, may begin experiencing more serious medical issues…
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Veterinary Clinic
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Extract of sample "Veterinary Clinic"

We would like to call your attention to the possibility of purchasing a pet insurance policy. Most insurance policies do not cover routine office visits or shots, but they can cover more than half of the total cost should [Fluffy] require any type of major procedure. Having a pet insurance policy means you can make decisions based on the welfare of your pet rather than the restrictions of the cost.
Many clients have asked which policy Dr. Munson recommends. Although she does not have any financial interests in any pet insurance provider, there are three that stand out as having had good track records with our office:
Veterinary Pet Insurance Superior
PetCare Pals
Quick Care Gold
Petshealth Care Plan
Basic Care
Covers dogs, cats, exotics
Individual rate plans
Full range of coverage
Covers dogs and cats
Individual rate plans
Variety of options
Covers dogs and cats
Low deductible option
High reimbursement rate
Whether you use one of these plans or another, we hope you will consider obtaining insurance for your pet. While we all hope [Fluffy] will never need extensive medical care, better decisions can be made for [his] welfare if you have prepared in advance. As always, you can call the office any time you have concerns or questions.
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(Veterinary Clinic Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 358 Words)
Veterinary Clinic Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 358 Words.
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