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The prograssive way for Halifax - Essay Example

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Halifax should take extreme care when formulating and executing strategy options. In some emerging markets, marketing strategy options efforts can raise eyebrows if companies appear to be exploiting regulatory loopholes and lack of consumer resistance to intrusion…
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The prograssive way for Halifax
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Download file to see previous pages This strategy options are the most promising one, present day situation in veterinary market is marked by two factor - specification, which is to do with the 'design quality' of service, and conformity, which is to do with the 'process' quality which is achieved are of particular importance to customers. On the other hand, Halifax can open its branchers in other city areas. This strategy will help to attract new clients providing veterinaty services near their residence. This strategy will help the clinic to create a strong brand image and increase the number of loyal customers. Service concepts of Halifax should include improvement of communication, and the environment composed of all the individual services.
Client retention is important for many businesses because customers create demand in an industry. On the one hand, it helps the company to standardize services and, on the otehr hand, it secures the business from decrease in sales. Client retention is important because it helps to know customers "one by one", and it allows the firm to meet particular needs of the clients and find specific ways to solve their current problems. Also, client retention makes it possible to develop a basic long-term goal and objectives of an enterprise, and adopt courses of action and allocate resources necessary for carrying out these goals. Customer reteention will help to generate profit (McDonald, Christopher, 2003).
Customers loyalty can be achieved thro...
That is why maximizing each employee's potential as an individual and as a team member will be a key to maximizing the profitability of each hotel. To ensure customer satisfaction the veterinary clinic should implement and develop new strategy based on Web services. It is not a unique and a new form of service, but, unfortunately, this type of service is seldomly used by veterinary services. The idea of the web-enabling veterinary services is to provide the clinic with the tools they need to compete more e effectively and to grow their businesses successfully.
To build a loyal group of clients, Halifax should consider time as the important factor of delivering service. Consider first the fee of services, a customer takes into account the delay or wait. This delay or wait will normally be evident as the period of time between placing an order and receiving the service. This is clearly an important dimension of customer service, because veterinary service is depended upon providing services at the exact time
Another factors helped to retain a loyal group of clients include location of the clinic (and its subsidiaries), the cost reductions, high service quality and staff communication skills, free of charge web services and call centers.
Ultimately they are the two factors which determine the quality levels provided by hotel industry to its customers. These two factors however are themselves determined by other factors. Service concepts are based on understanding the unique environment in which hotels operate.
4. What market segments exist in the market for veterinary services for household pets Market segmentation is the process identifying specific segments of clients with similar demands who exhibit similar responses to a firm's marketing mix. Within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Prograssive Way for Halifax Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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