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Public and Private Education - Essay Example

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Every initial set of experiences is nothing but a learning.The above discussion suggests, generally the working class family sent their children to these kinds of schools because they did not have any money to afford a good school for their children. …
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Public and Private Education
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Education is the process of experiencing. Experiencing happens through or by learning. Going further deeply into how some eminent educationalists define the same term, Richard Aldrich (2006, p. 1) believed in his 'working definition' of education that it is 'concerned with the promotion of knowledge over ignorance, of truth over falsehood, of concern for others over selfishness, of mental and physical well-being over despair and debility'. Not only in the above statement, nowhere in the modern world as a matter of fact or none of the legal literature of any country, does it pointedly specify that race, class, status are, by any means, the criteria for any individual to receive formal education. However, the sole objective of any government's actions toward maintaining the data of local communities, economic classes or division of households according to their income status has always been for the sake of giving the right person the right priority and preference. In principle, education received by any individual is strongly supposed to be equal. The studies like that of Sociology are particularly interested and motivated to take an action on, wherever an amount 'inequality' seems to exist. This essay makes a modest attempt, may not be to the fullest, toward the same goal. Going back a little into the history of the UK, and specifically considering the lifestyle of its citizens during the time between 16th and 18th centuries, we can understand why there a variety of educational systems is in the present times. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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