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The Contemporary Nature of School Teaching - Essay Example

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This paper "The Contemporary Nature of School Teaching" discusses teaching as the noblest profession and teachers are the noblest professionals. This is the reason why teachers are looked upon as the present heroes of any nation. They are seen as sculptors of the youth…
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The Contemporary Nature of School Teaching
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Extract of sample "The Contemporary Nature of School Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages Children, however, have few emotional resources with which to cope with problems. This is further explained by theories, which state that childhood experiences and development are critically important to their future life. (Goldman, 1996).

 In addition, using the theories of human development by Sigmund Freud and Erick Erickson, they describe the early stages of life as crucial, critical and prone to dangers. In Freud’s theory, he stated that if an individual’s needs in his early stages of life are not satisfied, then some negative results will happen in the succeeding stages and eventually, this may result in problems in the future life of the individual.

Similarly, in the theory of Erickson, he identified the stages of development where he quoted that each of the stages of the life of an individual has its corresponding psychosocial crisis that an individual must overcome. In the early life of the child until the end of the primary grade, the important values and attitudes are shaped. These are enumerated as: trust, autonomy, initiative, and industry. These attitudes are very important for a growing child. If these are not achieved by the child in his early years then what will happen to him when he reaches adult or old age. In these times when the child needs to have those values, the person on their sides is the parents and most especially, the teachers in the primary grades. It is therefore important that teachers should be knowledgeable about these conditions and characteristics of a growing child (Duka, 2003).

The above-mentioned statements only show that children should be cared for properly, nurtured well and most especially must be taught well. These duties are not only for the parents but more especially for the teachers, specifically, primary teachers because there are more times when these children are in the care of the teachers.

The mission for primary education is to enable every child to acquire basic preparation that will make him an enlightened, discipline, nationalistic, self-reliant, God-fearing, creative, versatile and productive citizen in the future.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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