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The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Languages - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay states that the recent times have witnessed advances in technology in leaps and bounds, yet problems with issues as basic as literacy still loom large with about 26% of the world’s adult population still being illiterate…
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The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Languages
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Extract of sample "The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Languages"

All these factors together with local conflicts have resulted in a poorer educational system in countries such as Africa and South Asia and in countries with a high population the situation is even worse (Crawford, 1995). Even those institutions which are backed by sufficient funding do suffer from certain shortfalls such as lack of appropriate teaching materials, shortage of teachers and fewer motivation programs for both teachers and students to completely enjoy the fruits of education (Notes).

The teaching fraternity plays a vital role in the promotion of education among students, especially in the primary classes, and they should have access to the right teaching materials which would help to develop basic reading and writing skills of students. As if this is resolved students will have the confidence to excel and do better in higher classes as the foundation is definitely the key to higher learning. Despite this understanding modern schools have shied away from providing the much-needed encouragement for both teachers and students (Holmes, 2008, Notes). Additionally, schools have also not been supported by suitable governmental policies and practices as they only focus on the economic or social outcomes of education. Unless the primary education system is strengthened we will not be able to achieve the right benefits of education and it will merely remain only as a solution to global problems rather than as a means to realize the true potential of an individual (Carroll, 2006). Read More
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