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The Instructional Strategy for the Student - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Instructional Strategy for the Student” the author identifies one instructional strategy or student activity from the outline of plans that could be challenging for the student, considering the description of the student’s learning disability…
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The Instructional Strategy for the Student
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Extract of sample "The Instructional Strategy for the Student"

Download file to see previous pages The disability in speech and language slows down his capability to comprehend sounds and language that he is able to listen (Speech and Language Disorders and Diseases, 2009).
 I would use visuals and words to meet the needs of the speech and language disabled student. For instance, if I wanted to teach this student what a house was, I would show him the picture of a house with the word “house” written under the picture of the house. I would then proceed to break down the visual of the house to its various components such as the door, windows, walls, floor, etc. each with the respective words under them and show these visuals to the student until he has thoroughly understood them.
 The speech and language disabled student will have some problems in understanding what he is being taught with pictures and words. However, he will soon master the art of identifying the house with the word “house” beneath the picture. Although he is speech and language disabled, he is not completely deaf and dumb. He is capable of producing sounds. He is also capable of recognizing the outlines in the pictures being shown to him.
 The speech and language disabled student will have a problem with different languages. For instance, if I show him the picture of the house with the word “house” written below the picture in English, he will soon master the English language as well. However, if I used the words in other languages he may have to be taught all over again. In this case, it will be a challenge like the one experienced by a person learning a new language.
 The strategy or activity chosen could be challenging because there is no guarantee that one strategy could work for all the speech and language disabled students. One strategy could work for one student, but for another student, I may have to use another strategy that may be successful only with the second student. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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