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Observations in a Resource Room: Special Education Classroom - Essay Example

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An author of this study will describe in details some of the main requirements for the special education classrooms. Prior to the conclusion, the researcher will summarize the observation followed by reflecting on what the researcher had learned from this particular experience…
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Observations in a Resource Room: Special Education Classroom
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"Observations in a Resource Room: Special Education Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages Right after spending a few hours at the Cyril Wengert Elementary School’s resource room for special education on English Language Learner (ELL) observing the teaching-and-learning process between the elementary – 3rd grade special education teacher and the students with special needs, the researcher will describe in details the following requirements: (1) exceptionalities of the students within the classroom setting; (2) the languages and cultures represented in the classroom setting; (3) the verbal interaction between the teacher and four students with different special needs; (4) the non-verbal interactions between the teacher and the students; (5) curricular material designed for each of the four selected students; (6) instructional style of the teacher; and (7) the type of work the researcher was permitted to perform.
The researcher was told that special education classroom is basically composed of diverse students that are not commonly found in a traditional classroom with children who were not diagnosed with special needs. Among the common exceptionalities of students with special needs are those who have either difficulties or special talents in seeing, hearing, moving, socializing, speaking, or thinking.
Staying inside the classroom while the special education teacher was teaching the class gave the researcher the opportunity to notice Student A1 with physically disabled but has an exceptionally good English language learning ability. During one of the class discussion related to the use of English grammar and the proper use of subject, noun, and predicate; the student was able to answer the teacher’s question in a highly persuasive and logical manner that the researcher never expected to come from a 3rd Grade student.
The researcher also came across with a case wherein the child with learning difficulty in the English language have a special gift for painting and playing musical instruments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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