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A Desire to Be a Part of This World: Development and Education - Essay Example

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This paper describes experiences and my own realizations, I converted my personality into a more extroverted nature. With my greater confidence, I was able to head my school newspaper while maintaining a high grade point average and I was elected president of my high school class…
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A Desire to Be a Part of This World: Development and Education
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Extract of sample "A Desire to Be a Part of This World: Development and Education"

Download file to see previous pages I have known I wanted to study business and economics since I was a young boy. It was an experience that has shaped the rest of my life. My father decided I was old enough by the time I entered middle school to join him on his annual business trip to Hong Kong. It was a toy convention! My father operates a trading company that imports various toy products from Hong Kong and the United States to about 100 stores throughout my home country of South Korea. He felt the experience would be good for me because it would help me expand my knowledge of the world. For me, the thought was terrifying. Already an introverted person, I also didn’t have a very good grasp of English at the time. Associates of my father were very kind to me through the entire trip, but I still stayed very close to my father’s side everywhere we went and struggled with every question they asked of me. This one experience, as terrifying as it sounds, electrified my senses. My father was right – it was enlightening. What impressed me so much about this trip to keep it so vivid in my mind was that I had never before had a reason to watch my father work. He spoke English so well and he always presented himself with honesty and integrity in everything he did. Some of my father’s competitors are still on such friendly terms with him that they continue to ask how I’m doing and would be welcoming if I came by for conversation. Even though Hong Kong is not the world’s biggest producer and exporter, it is still the commercial heart of Asia and the concept that so many business people gather there from so many different parts of the world was fascinating to me. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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