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The admission essay "Passion For Education" shows the author's ideas. It says: My name is TN. Moving into an America at an early age brought important transformation in my life due to diverse challenges. The United States is the “country of opportunities” along with freedom and liberty…
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Passion For Education
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I understand that it was a bad choice, but all of this happened at a glance. I was at a coffee shop with a few friends. One of them got a phone call from his girlfriend who was having some issues with some other females. And I was asked to take my friends to the location to try and resolve the situation. Regrettably, it turned out to be physical, and I happened to be the driver. Everything seems to collapse after the conviction of the crime. My dream, my ambitions, my bright future were quickly melted. It pains me when I have to reveal this awful time in my life. The conviction is always hunted me in everything that I dealt with, from applying for a job to buying health insurance or trying to get a certificate license for Massage Therapist. There were times that I was depressed and wanted to give up. But with the comfort of family, advice from friends, and psychologist’s counseling, I stood up after falling down and became a strong man. However, these difficulties awoke my potential for enhancing academic and practical credentials and provided the opportunity to become a resolute, goal-oriented person. I realized the importance of ‘strict to oneself’. I tried to get back to school and work hard, from a waiter, an assembly technician, to a delivery man. I’m now majoring in Education and have completed about 40 units at Ashford University with 1000 hours practicing in massage therapy. My exposure to this practice provided me with a sense of fulfillment, a motivation to gain more knowledge in this field, and most significantly determination of what I want to do for the rest of my life.
Getting the certificate license in massage therapy is the pedal for me to fulfill my dream. I’m not sure if my mistake will be forgiven, but with the idea that all of us have in mind that we are living in the “country of opportunities” I’m hoping that the ‘Ethics & Standards Committee’ would allow me to take the exam. Given a chance I would able to fulfill, preserve and cherish the desire to contribute positively towards society and nurture the smile. Read More
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