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Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter - Essay Example

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In the paper “Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter” the author describes how to make effective short term and long term career goals, personal goals, and constraints. A cover letter expresses your interest in and qualifications for a position to a prospective employer…
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Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter
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Extract of sample "Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter"

As we all know, the recession has badly hit the world due to which hundreds of companies became bankrupt and thousands of people were freed from their jobs. The number is still increasing and it is said that 2010 will be the worst year of unemployment. ( this crucial era of joblessness, I think this course is very useful for me. As far as the question of changing jobs or a carrier is concerned, my answer is no.
I hope to learn how to make effective short term and long term career goals, personal goals, and constraints. It would help me in assessing skills, knowledge, values, constraints & interests. I expect to learn different methodologies of researching career opportunities.
It should be organized in paragraphs, preferably in 3 paragraphs; opening, middle and closing paragraph. It should be no longer than one typed page.

The guy was not suited to inappropriate attire. He was wearing jeans & a t-shirt with a cap. He was totally looking unprofessional. If he even hadn’t worn the appropriate dress during the interview day, one cannot expect from him to wear three-piece or dress paint and shirt on duty which is mandatory for the culture of the restaurant. On the other hand, the lady was quite well suited with the most appropriate attire. She was looking professional and educated. She was more confident than the guy. She was looking in the eyes of the interviewer whereas the boy was looking here and there while speaking which reveals that he was unconfident or maybe, rude.
The qualifications and work experience of the lady were related to the post. She has achieved a degree in Business which is the most suitable qualification for a Manager. She worked with Apple Beas for 4 years which shows that she has been consistent in her work and the reason for leaving the job was also reasonable. On the other hand, the boy worked as a clerk for a video shop for just 2 months. It probably means that he would not remain in the restaurant for a consistent period if hired.
The boy was not prepared whereas the girl was totally prepared and that was why she was confident in answering the question. She even knew the names of the location where the branches of the restaurant are situated.
When asked for most liking and least liking factor of the position, the man provided some stupid and childish answers while professionalism was showed by the lady.
The man was not attentive. He was even yawning and even not listening properly whereas, the lady was totally attentive. Brining the relevant documents in an interview is a must but the unserious guy didn’t even bother to bring his portfolio.
In short, the boy has destroyed all the etiquettes of a good interview and the lady has fulfilled even the smallest one. So, no doubt, the lady is the best candidate for the position.

Keeping the “lines of communication” open is helpful as you will come into the eyes of your new boss and he will remember you while giving remarks in your performance review chart. As the boss is new, he may not know you and will be confused while making the performance chart. Chances are that he will assume that you are not an active member and may give negative or neutral remarks. Good communication brings people closer and improves the relationship. Read More
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(Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 738 Words - 1)
Three Key Elements of a Good Cover Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 738 Words - 1.
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