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Summative Assessment for Master of Midwifery Leadership and Development (topic to be decided) - Essay Example

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It also aims to assess the knowledge that the student has learned in an issue related to leadership and management in healthcare. This study now aims to apply the…
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Summative Assessment for Master of Midwifery Leadership and Development (topic to be decided)
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Extract of sample "Summative Assessment for Master of Midwifery Leadership and Development (topic to be decided)"

Download file to see previous pages These classical theories do not take into account individual characteristics of each member and each member’s capacity for potential leadership. Newer theories by Taylor and Weber offer more scientific principles and explanations for management and leadership. Through these theories, we can deduce various techniques in leadership. We can also deduce various elements of an effective team.
The various elements of an effective team are: a meaningful and clearly defined task; clear team objectives and individual targets; regular meetings; regular feedbacks on individual and team success in achieving objectives; the right balance of people; reflexivity-the ability to reflect on team performance and adapt and change; a good balance of concern for the team task and concern for the team welfare; the experience of full participation; and good leadership.
This study aims to establish the student’s comprehension of the subjects and unit topics covered by this course. It also aims to apply the knowledge that the student has learned in an issue related to leadership and management in healthcare. This study aims to apply the different theories on leadership and management which were discussed in the different sessions of this course.
Strong leadership and management skills are important tools for members of the health care team. Without effective leadership skills, the implementation of health care services becomes a counterproductive enterprise. In the nursing care process, the nurse is often called on to be a manager, and in some instances, she is also called on to be a leader. Both roles are different from the other. Wywialowski (1993) refers to nursing management as “the judicious use of resources to achieve identified client goals”. The responsibilities of the nurse manager include directing and controlling. He distinguishes nursing management from leadership by defining the latter as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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