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Importance of Organisational Values Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Importance of Organisational Values The new reform health care bills Health and social care as we all know is vital for a country’s development and for the future of its citizens. Its success is measured through achievements, goals reached and most importantly customer satisfaction…
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Importance of organisational Values
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Download file to see previous pages The entire above are imperative for effectiveness in both private and the National Health Service organisations. I will discuss all these in depth to demonstrate their usefulness. The effectiveness concept is considered as one of the reform bills’ objectives such as tariff alternatives needed for long-term, non-elective and complex care. Pooled or delegated budgets, pushed payments and capitalized funds are some of these alternatives. Any mechanism of payment that is adopted needs to promote financial rewards. Secondly, system leadership is also essential at a regional level, which should be facilitated by clinically led multi-professional cabinets working together with the NHS commissioning board. Being appointed as the new manager of the patient’s care department, my report will not only be based on the above, but also on quality service that can sustain patient care in line with the above objectives of my care organization, to that proposed in the vision of the new health and care reform bill. Health and social care needs should be done together in order to ensure population health issues are addressed, such as the needs of unregistered patients and health inequalities. G.P commissioning boundaries should as far as possible, be aligned to the local authority boundaries to support the above. In addition to support clinical integration and patient-focused care, anyone providing or commissioning NHS Care should share relevant information with patients. The reforms should also allow the evolution of new approaches such as integrated care partnership. Under this approach, the commissioning function is slip between a strategic commissioner and budget- holding, not-for-profit integrated care partnerships. These integrated care partnerships might include GPS and a relevant health and social care specialist. Organizational performance Organizational performance is essential in order to deliver quality service that is value for money, (which depends on many factors). There are internal factors and external factors to be considered. Internal factors are organizational culture, performance management, staffing level and finance. External factors that can affect quality service could be cuts, recession and commissioning. Being the new manager, I would propose greater performance requirements and accountability, which are found in every jurisdiction. In certain provinces in Canada for example, regional health systems are required to gather and analyze similar metrics and report them to the provincial government and to the public on a regular basis. In England, the Healthcare Commission monitors standards and efficiency, and publishes performance ratings for indicators such as wait times (Bradford & Burke, 2005). Over the last ten years, the NHS has made a lot of progress in delivering cancer services. Since 2007, we have seen improvements on the number of situation’s patients being treated as day cases. A massive increase in resources has contributed to these improvements. It was through clear leadership and strong performance management that led us to these achievements. In July 2010, NHS white paper on equity and excellence proposed putting patients at the heart of everything the NHS does, and focusing on continuous improvement of the critical things in healthcare. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance of Organisational Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Importance of Organisational Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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