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This paper “Cyber Criminals and Other Data Security Dangers” gives a detailed overview of data safety odds by discussing true world examples. The author popularizes the possibilities of ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard which aims to rectify and mitigate those threats…
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Cyber Criminals and Other Data Security Dangers
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Download file to see previous pages In September 2004, HFC bank that is one of the largest banks in the UK sent an email to their 2600 customers mentioning that an internal operational error has made recipients email address visible to everyone within the email. Consequently, ‘out of office’ feature was triggered by some of the customers and their personal phone numbers and other details were shared with each other (Dickerson 34-41). This shows that even simplest of mistakes can lead to an even bigger problem. As information systems are now considered as the fundamental function, every organization acquires information systems for business automation, better customer service, and ROI (return on investment). Moreover, electronic commerce has also introduced many businesses that are only virtually present. For instance, Amazon that is an online store for selling books generates revenue from the Internet. Customers pay via credit cards for the purchased books that are delivered to them. In this scenario, any sort of security breach may inject an SQL injection or cross-site scripting attack on the website can affect the business as well as customer confidence. Therefore, securing the systems as well as data communication on the web is essential to protect. This also implies to personal or customer data that is maintained and managed by the organization. For instance, E-commerce based organizations stores information of their customer related to credit card numbers, telephone numbers, address, bank details etc. It is the responsibility of the organization to protect and secure data privacy. However, there is not a single law that states how to handle customer information. For this reason, organizations sell or trade customer information with business partners and even to third parties. Likewise, sometimes the sole purpose of this personal data exchange funds. Although, every online organization has a privacy policy which states how they will handle and secure customer data at the same time there are no verification criteria. In the following sections, we will critically evaluate a single most cybersecurity weakness for IT managers within an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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