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Minigrant for integrating technology in the elementary Language Arts classroom - Essay Example

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This is an application for grants to the concerned authorities for integrating technology in the Elementary Language Arts Classroom in the Summer Field Public School in Nevada State in US…
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Minigrant for integrating technology in the elementary Language Arts classroom
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"Minigrant for integrating technology in the elementary Language Arts classroom"

Download file to see previous pages The use of computers has increased drastically in the last decade, especially in the educational field. Experts in the elementary educational field are of the opinion that trying to find out the mistakes in grammar, spelling and organization in one’s own writing is one of the best methods of learning. Introducing computers in the elementary level are highly useful in these processes. Computers increase the effectiveness of the elementary language teachers while drastically reducing their work load. In this application, an estimated budget and advantages of introducing technology in the Elementary Language Arts Class room are also briefly mentioned.
Elementary school teachers play a crucial role in the development of children. Generally, children are influenced by what they experience and learn in the school which can also greatly shape their views of the world or about themselves and can be a crucial factor for their failure or success in their personal lives and work. Elementary school teachers introduce pupil to language, mathematics, social studies and science. Teachers use various tools like music, games, films, artworks, books and computers to teach basic skills. Computers can play an integral role in the Elementary Language Arts Program which “provides balanced instruction in reading and writing.” (Elementary Reading and Language Arts). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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