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Vision of the Purpose and Structure of Schools of the Future - Essay Example

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This paper Vision of the Purpose and Structure of Schools of the Future talks that the purpose and delivery of education via schools, having come a long way with all its significantly relevant aspects such as technology, instructional strategies, bilingual education, special education…
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Vision of the Purpose and Structure of Schools of the Future
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that there are some basic assumptions in the views and approaches described in this work towards multiculturalism. The main assumption is that the minority cultures are similar in their differences from the majority culture. The vision assumes that all immigrants have equal access to technology and the necessary know-how.
This paper makes a conclusion that the various cultures are so diverse among themselves that there is no single general rule that can handle all these differences at once collectively in order to integrate these cultures with the culture of the majority. The vision does not consider the possibility of any communication gap between the teacher and the immigrant students while communicating or learning online. It would be difficult to find teachers who are experts in both subjects and arts. Employing art teachers for interpreting subject classes will end up with the school having as many art teachers as school teachers. The languages are, in reality, extremely different in their writing systems, structure and interpretation. While some of the languages can be dealt with collectively, some will have to be taken into account separately. Handling these differences would be a Herculean task. Assigning teachers from various cultural backgrounds would likely leave the schools with more hands than they totally need. Furthermore, ensuring a balanced mix of minority and majority teachers would sometimes mean sacrificing or overlooking the abilities and skills of an efficient teacher for the purpose of maintaining the mix. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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