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Race and Educational Inequalities in the United States of America - Essay Example

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The government has worked sincerely and without discrimination in order to assist, with expenditure on education being the highest in the United States of America. This thesis attempts to present an examination of issues related to race and educational inequalities in the United States of America. …
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Race and Educational Inequalities in the United States of America
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Extract of sample "Race and Educational Inequalities in the United States of America"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that educators, teachers and men as well as women of conscience living within communities have also made a substantial effort to diminish inequalities in education, improve access and also to enhance the quality of education within the country. After a great struggle for the achievement of equality in education and for the reform of the school system, it can be argued that by and large the government does try to provide schools in which it is possible for children to acquire a decent education. Spending by the government on education in the United States of America is the highest in all OECD countries.
This paper makes a conclusion that substantial effort has been made to adequately provide for education in the country, it can only be inferred that some other social phenomenon is interfering with the processes associated with educating children and presenting the gaps that are obvious in educational statistics. Although teachers can try to impart quality education in schools, it becomes very difficult for them to correct the problems that children may be facing outside of school, because the resources are limited and classes can be large. A child does not get educated in school only and is also educated at home. Although, a government can try to assist with improving the poverty situation and perhaps try to correct problems that are encountered in tough neighborhoods, it is difficult for a government to change the culture that is made available to a child at home and to change racial culture, unless the problems are severe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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