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Race and Inequality in the United States - Research Paper Example

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Race and Inequality in United States Introduction The term racism is used to define opinions, behaviors as well as activities that divide different groups of individuals into different races and these groups share similar kinds of traits as well as abilities…
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Race and Inequality in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Racial inequality is a term used to refer to various issues that take place on the level of society and these issues end up restricting the amount of chances in life experienced by a group, while increase the amount of chances in life for another group. Racial inequality has existed in United States for years and it continues to prevail even during the 21st century. It is considered that United States is a region that is experiencing post racism era and racial discrimination has been wiped off, but new ways of racial discrimination such as reverse racial discrimination and color blind discrimination are taking place (Norton, 2011, p.216; Bonilla-Silva, 2011, p.204 & Park, 2006, p.160). This research paper will focus on various aspects of race and inequality taking place in the region of United States. This research paper will focus on the past and current prevalence of race and inequality as well as how race based discrimination has impacted life in United States and Steps that can be taken to solve this issue. Body Differential treatment provided on the basis of race has been a long standing issue in the area of United States. Due to this differential treatment, different individuals belonging to different races experience difference in education, employment, health care, media representation, and participation in sports, investment opportunities as well as mortality rates (Saint, 2011, p.298 & Dubrow, 2012, p.50). Research has repeatedly proven that most of the people belonging to families who fall in the category of low income earning families are those who belong to the minority race in the United States and these families even fail to attain higher level of education. For example: a study conducted by Harrison et al. established that workers who belonged to the immigrant population were more likely to be forced to work in lower paying jobs and due to this they end up being a portion of the low income earning category (Harrison, 2013, p.390). Bailey reports that increasing in completion of college level education by low income groups only increased by 4%, while an increase in completion of college level education increased by 18% for individuals belonging to high income groups (Bailey, 2011, p.17633). Racial discrimination even impacts the investment options available to people representing different races (Kubrin, 2012, p.148). Rugh et al. states that both Latinos and African Americans had access to risky loans and lending was conducted on the basis of racial differences (Rugh, 2012, p.73). Failure to change socio economic status through wages earned and investment even leads to failure of attaining higher living standards. Su et al. reports that the degree of pollution was high in those neighborhood parks where people with lower socio economic existed and in areas where the minority of the US population formed the majority (Su, 2011, p.326). Failure to attain higher economic status as well as higher level of education even negative impacts the health conditions of the disadvantaged population. Braveman et al. and Rumberger figured out that those individuals who belonged to either middle or lower level income earning families and who had failed to acquire higher level of education were less healthier when compared to those who had attained higher level of education and belonged to high income earning families (Braveman, 2010, p.193 & Rumberger, 2010, p.253). One of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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