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The Value of a Moral Philosophy of Education for the Design of Primary School Curricula - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "The Value of a Moral Philosophy of Education for the Design of Primary School Curricula" discusses the correlation between societal morality and the educational curriculum, and links the prevalent ethics breakdown to the structural parameters of prevalent school education curricula…
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The Value of a Moral Philosophy of Education for the Design of Primary School Curricula
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Extract of sample "The Value of a Moral Philosophy of Education for the Design of Primary School Curricula"

Download file to see previous pages In light of the fact that the inculcation of ethical and moral precepts into generations of learners, from the earliest stages of primary education to the final stages of higher education, is an overwhelming concern, the articulation of a philosophy of education which addresses the defined imperatives is a valuable undertaking. It shall function as the primary concern and objective of the proposed dissertation.

The vale of the proposed topic derives from the very nature of global demands upon the educational system. Given the ever-increasing crime rate and the growing proliferation of professional practitioners’ violations of their espoused code of ethics, it is imperative to address the problem at its roots (Sarfatti-Larson, 1976; Hunter, 2003; Masschelein, 2003; Carr and Stuetel, 1999; Winch, 2004). These roots, as Carr and Stuetel (1999) contend, exist at the primary education level. Hence, resolving the problem of amorality inextricably linked to the implementation of the moral philosophy of education (Sarfatti-Larson, 1976; Hunter, 2003; Masschelein, 2003; Carr and Stuetel, 1999; Winch, 2004). As such, it is possible to express the importance of the topic as deriving from the problems of escalating crime rates and increased amorality across professions, practices, and activities and the role that the educational system should play in its resolution, not to mention the responsibility that it has to do so.

The theoretical dimensions of the problem shall be discussed against the background of variant philosophies of education in an effort to assess which may be best suited for the design of a school curriculum which would contribute to the resolution of the mentioned problem. While the proposed study shall draw on various examples of countries/educational districts which have implemented a moral philosophy of education, the research shall limit itself to the study of the situation within the United Kingdom and shall concentrate on the primary level of education.

The design and adoption of a philosophy of education which is fundamentally founded upon universal ethical precepts will lead to the inculcation of ethical behaviorism among generations of learners and, accordingly, contribute to the resolution of the growing problem of ethics breakdown across professions, activities, and practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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