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Pursuant to the terms of the academic restriction letter, and as the substantive basis on my appeal, I will address, in turn, both the circumstances affecting my placement on academic appeal and my strategies for completing the required courses…
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Academic restriction
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"Academic restriction"

January 15, 2007 Academic Standards Committee C/o Eileen Lieberman Advising and Counseling Services Secretary, Enrolment Center Raritan Valley Community College

Re: Academic Restriction Letter
RVCC ID Number G00133824 (Gwendolyn Plaza)

Dear Members of the Academic Standards Committee:

I am writing this letter to exercise my right to appeal my recent placement as a student on academic restriction. It is not my intent to suggest that the underlying facts are inaccurate, for they are quite accurate, but to suggest instead that I am deserving of a second chance for very special reasons. Even prior to being placed on academic restriction, as I will describe more fully below, I was in the process of making important adjustments to my personal and professional life in order to have more time to devote to my studies. Pursuant to the terms of the academic restriction letter, and as the substantive basis on my appeal, I will address, in turn, both the circumstances affecting my placement on academic appeal and my strategies for completing the required courses.

As a preliminary matter, I have been placed on academic restriction for failing to complete a developmental course in mathematics, Math 022, with the prescribed time limit. It is quite true that I struggled with Algebra. My circumstances, however, demonstrate that I have already made important commitments towards improving my ability to pass this course. First, I was working more than 60 hours per week. Even prior to receiving the academic restriction letter, I sacrificed my part-time job at the hospital. As a result, my work load is now reduced to 37.5 hours per week. I had already given up this extra job in order to devote more hours to my studies. In addition, and I think very indicative of my sincerity, I also enrolled in the math study skills course (Math 002) prior to receiving the academic restriction letter. In short, I cleared up my schedule for studying and I also enrolled in the math study skills course of my own accord, voluntarily, and in an effort to complete my developmental coursework as soon as possible. Please consider these sacrifices when deciding my appeal.

In addition, I would like to note that I am not appealing in an effort to register for a large number of credit hours; quite the contrary, the only request which I would like to make is that I be allowed to enroll in a 2 credit course in pharmacology on Saturdays. This will not interfere with my math studies; indeed, I will be devoted to both subjects. Please also consider the reasonableness of my request, not asking for too much, when considering the merits of my appeal. Please note also that I have already enrolled in the math study skills course to which the academic restriction letter referred as mandatory.

In the final analysis, I would respectfully request that you grant my appeal for the aforementioned reasons. All of the changes that I made, and the sacrifices which I have accepted, were done of my own initiative and because I knew that I had to improve my time-management strategies. If you grant my appeal, I will prove your decision both wise and well-considered. I appreciate the kind consideration of the academic standards committee.


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