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Free Internet on Campus: How Much Access Restriction is Necessary - Essay Example

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The essay "Free Internet on Campus: How Much Access Restriction is Necessary" will investigate whether there is a need for internet access restriction policies in the university campuses. The writer suggests that implementing such policies will lead to more efficient use of the traffic…
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Free Internet on Campus: How Much Access Restriction is Necessary
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Extract of sample "Free Internet on Campus: How Much Access Restriction is Necessary"

Download file to see previous pages We have seen the growth of a college generation that slowly hates visiting the hardcopy libraries while spending a lot of time dipping their time into internet resources in their line of studying. This is however faced with restriction challenges, as is within most colleges, despite it being one of the easiest ways for the students to learn. Interestingly, the internet avails to the students, resources that advance their understanding of the knowledge acquired in class as to some extent, the students are able to even access instructions from global instructors who may even be more elaborate than the class lectures they have (Altbach, Gumport & Berdahl, 80). This is however curtailed to some extent by institution reinforced policies on internet usage and selective access of sites.
Some colleges restrict internet access to as far as the access to resources on the institution's reservoirs and databases alone, which in a way narrows the possibilities of learning for these students. In modern colleges, students are allowed access to free internet on campus only to be proxied out on which internet sites to visit. The problem is, the internet is technically supposed to be a free world and so should be the access to it. Different students will have different insights that are important for their own motivation and personal growth which makes it unfair when they are locked out of the actual sites that may motivate them. The college administration should, therefore, set up a bundling mechanism that allocates internet usage accounts to the students to moderate on how much bandwidth they use but not locks them out of any site.
In lieu to the same ideologies, recent developments have seen quite a number of education commissions and associations come together to create and give authority to institutions to prohibit service providers in the blocking access of lawful content on the web, limiting access speeds or implementing paid prioritization within their premises.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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