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WiMAX - Technology Integrating the Internet and Broadband - Article Example

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This paper “WiMAX - Technology Integrating the Internet and Broadband” concerns the application combining two kinds of technologies used for data transmission. The WiMAX serves over the Wide Area Network (WAN) and has provided the effective services by creating the wireless spots.
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WiMAX - Technology Integrating the Internet and Broadband
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Download file to see previous pages WiMAX is able to provide the services to the entire city. Currently, WiMAX is also now being provided built into the laptops which have also allowed the users to make use of the mobility feature of WiMAX. The configuration of WiMAX needs a tower which will enable to make a connection by making use of the standard wired high-speed connection.  Along with tower it also needs a microwave link for making the connection completed. The configuration and setup of WiMAX do not require making connection point to point so it can be said that it is easy to deploy and not much efforts and time are wasted in setting up the system.
As this is the age of development, innovation, information, and technology; different technologies are emerging daily. The innovation of the internet has just changed the scenario of the entire world and now things are quite different. The Internet has become the essential need of every organization and home. By observing the necessity of this technology innovations and developments are continuously being made in this field. Dialup networks, broad band, WiFi and now WiMAX are the rapid changes that have been made in this field and these changes are striving for improving internet access. The topic of this paper that is under consideration is WiMAX. The paper provides the detailed study of WiMAX and discusses its many advantages and disadvantages so that people can be able to choose the right technology for them. WiMAX is the recent emerging technology and is considered to replace the other technologies soon. WiMAX has solved the problems of easy access, bandwidth and coverage to the large extent. This technology is having all the characteristics of the previous technologies and also this technology is eliminating the issues that were related to the previous internet providing technologies. Although there are also some shortfalls of this technology like the high cost of implementation and installation, shared bandwidth and few more. It is very easy to setup the WiMAX network and it can also cover the areas where there are no telephone lines and hence no internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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