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Social Inequality in Australia - Essay Example

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Discussion on the ways in which the Immigration Restriction act of 1901 impacted on some aspect of inequality historically, and the ways in which its legacy continues to be felt today in public policy and perception…
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Social Inequality in Australia
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Extract of sample "Social Inequality in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages In this process, it has also allowed the policy of social inequality and discrimination between the White and non White classes of people in terms of their immigration in to the soil of Australia. The White people were allowed freely by following the liberal practices of immigration rules where as the strict restrictions were imposed for the non European people under the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 which is nothing but encouraging the policy of social inequality. In other words, the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 has initiated a trend in which the differential attitude of Australian administration was followed towards the treatment of different races of the people (Immigration Restriction Act, 1901). Staring with the nature of the tests put to the immigrants, several other restrictions were imposed to non white people for discouraging them to stay in Australia. Even in case of labor immigration, the white labor were allowed to enter the soil of Australia where as other classes of labor were restricted under the clauses of Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. This discriminatory and social inequality attitude of Australian authorities was further continued in different arena for which the seeds were sown in the form of Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. ...
ralia Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was passed by the House of Parliament of Australia for the main objective of limiting the immigration rate of non Europeans to Australia. The policy of social inequality and White Australia in restricting the immigration of alien persons in to the land of Australia is very well reflected in the form of Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. It has decided the fate of the people who were willing to enter Australia for various types of works since long and it tilted towards selective concessions to white people and it is even influencing the public policy related to immigration at present also. Hence, it is very significant instrument in the history of Australia which may be analyzed form time to time for making betterment in the rules and restrictions related to immigration to Australia. The basic origin of introducing this Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was in the form of opportunism and can be traced to the history of formation of Australia. When Australia was formed by union of six colonies, they wanted to build the nation protecting from foreign forces and the Common wealth of Australia was proclaimed in 1901. As the armed forces were controlled by the British, the Australians wanted to have control over the people who would migrate from other regions. They feared that people from China and Japan may dominate in some economic spheres if they are allowed to settle in Australia which would affect the prospects of local people. At the same time, the trade unions in Australia also felt that if people form Asian origin are allowed to immigrate in to Australia, the labor wages may go down which would negatively influence the earnings of the labor of Australian origin. At the same time, the population of Australia in 1901 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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