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With the availability of the Internet and the of growing use of these technologies in education many universities are turning to the use of web-based instruction to provide on-line courses to standardize course content and provide distance learning for new and continuing education students. …
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Implementation and Evaluation of WebBased technologies in teaching medical and engineering students
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Research Proposal 5 December, 2005 Implementation and Evaluation of Web-Based technologies in teaching medical and engineering With the availability of the Internet and the of growing use of these technologies in education many universities are turning to the use of web-based
instruction to provide on-line courses to standardize course content and provide
distance learning for new and continuing education students. At the present time
there are a growing number of educational institutions that provide many courses based upon web-based and multimedia sources. Most of these courses provided by these institutions are the less technical in their content and provide
an acceptable education for the students in these particular fields of study. Fewer higher level courses in the more technical areas exist at the present time
due to the more difficult subject matter.
The purpose of this research would be to determine feasibility and the capability of a web-based curriculum for the effective instruction of materials of a more rigorous nature, pertaining to the medical field and engineering studies.
The purpose of this study is to determine feasibility of establishing web-based educational sources followed by the determination of the resulting effectiveness of this virtual educational material. This material would cover topics in advanced scientific and technical areas which would be provided by these web- based sources. The subject material of the courses would consist of topics
such as anatomy and physiology, immunology and microbiology and other subjects within the medical field of focus and subjects such as computational fluid dynamics; Internet-enabled engineering instrumentation and measurement and micro-mechanics in the engineering curriculum.
Over the course of the establishment of the project, the following steps would
be required.
First an evaluation of the existing network infrastructure to determine the capability of supporting the increased traffic.
Second, the establishment of four support teams to establish a basic computer center. These support teams would consist of the hardware support team, the
software support team, educational software specialists with a focus on medical education and the fourth team would consist of educational software specialists
with a focus on engineering education.
The hardware support team would focus its activities on establishing a network
system based upon SAP, enterprise management network. The enterprise management model would provide an efficient service and feedback for the
operation of the project model. The software development team would have the
responsibility of developing and maintaining the delivery of software across the
enterprise network. The software development team would also have the responsibility of coordinating the delivery of the software developed or otherwise
procured by the medical and engineering educational software specialists.
These teams would coordinate their activities through a two person management staff consisting of myself and another management person.
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