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History of Education In America - Essay Example

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This paper gives an overview of the book by John D. Pulliam and James Van Patten, History of Education in America. From the early Greek teachings to education of modern times, school has been an important facet of any civilized culture, especially today, in 21st century…
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History of Education In America
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Extract of sample "History of Education In America"

Download file to see previous pages This division of labor has increased to a point that many people no longer know how to find or process their own foods, and just buy what they need.
Despite this there is "cultural lag" (pg. 13) that shows a maladjustment by some parts of society in their educational institutions when changes in technology, for instance, occur. The more conservative and traditional sectors "lag" at these times, unwilling or unable to keep up.
There are also problems with misconceptions that arise from misinformation. This type of "lag" can cause people to accept "factual" evidence that is later found to be untrue. (pg 13). The concept that there is empty "space" between the particles of an atom is being rejected by those who study physics today. However, the original concept will remain part of current curriculums until some time in the future, as will many other revised facts.
Personal and societal values enter into every culture's form of education, even though they are constantly changing also, according to Ralph Linton, anthropologist. Many communities reject alternate thinking about religions, lifestyles, politics, etc. Today's core values, in America, are considered small by contrast to previous eras due to the complexity of this society. Instead of a predominant religion presiding over a community's affairs, for instance, a quorum has to be considered in order to enact laws that reflect the moral standards - such as those against killing others. So, too, are the opinions of many factions considered by educational institutions before deciding how they will proceed. The subject of corporeal punishment in schools is one that people used to regard as the school's choice but is now considered undesirable, for...
The researcher of this essay aims to present an overview of the book by John D. Pulliam and James Van Patten, History of Education in America. From the early Greek teachings to education of modern times, school has been an important facet of any civilized culture. Today’s societal demands are numerous and multicultural as the people of the world get deeper into globalization. To compete in the workplace, to succeed, and to influence the future requires an increasingly complex form of education. Relatively speaking, it has always been this way as cultures of the world have had to interact socially and economically. The better one’s education, the more likely they were to do well in business, and the more opportunities they would have. But in this electronic society of high technology, fast communications and carbon-dating systems, education is a necessity of life, not just an employment tool or a way of achieving status. The solutions of the future will depend on the education of today’s students. Teachers must be able to adapt also and know what the relationships of educational institutions are to society. The “New Century” finds schools using more standardized measurements of a student’s progress, and state-run data tracking. There is a need for schools to be run more professionally and efficiently. Competing in the world market is requiring a return to bilingualism that has been common in Europe and many other countries. As more of the world becomes democratic, the schools will reflect the values of a democratic society.
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History of Education In America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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