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Inequality exists in the educational budget given to affluent and impoverished districts. The paper "Discriminatory Practices In The Federal Control Of American Education" states that federal control of education has lead to a crisis in the American educational system…
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Discriminatory Practices In The Federal Control Of American Education
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Running Head: FEDERAL CONTROL IN EDUCATION Discriminatory Practices Prevalent in the Federal Control of American Education of your course
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It is said that America is the seat of liberty, democracy and justice. In the public education system however, these three ideals seem to have been ignored. The position taken in this paper is that federal control of education has lead to a crisis in the American educational system which is beset by various forms of discrimination.
Evidently, inequality exists in the educational budget given to affluent and impoverished districts (Pulliam & Patten, 2007). This is despite the fact that most of the states are under federal control and is tasked to balance the funding given to each district. Galston (2008) believes that this kind of system can still be and should be improved. The situation in the public schools right now describe a scenario in which drop-out rates are high and those who actually graduate lack the necessary competency. This translates to having a workforce which is not really ready for the real world.
Likewise, Caruba (2004, August 4) espouses that the American youth of today pass through the educational system but do not even have sufficient literacy and mathematics skills. Basic knowledge in history, civics, geography and science are not comprehensive.
McCluskey admonishes that:
Federal lawmakers have passed increasingly restrictive laws and drastically escalated education spending, which ballooned from around $25 billion in 1965 (adjusted for inflation) to more than $108 billion in 2002. (as cited in Caruba, 2004, August 4)
However, this seemingly large budget for education has not reflected in the research results which show that the programs implemented by the federal government are not successful in answering educational problems (McCluskey, cited in Caruba, 2004, August 4). It was during the administration of George W. Bush that education funding has ballooned from $38.4 billion in 2000 to $63.3 billion in 2004.
More specifically, educational discrimination is evident in how funding has been allocated for projects in Massachusetts and Alaska alone as described in the $8.4 million program, “Exchanges with Historic Whaling and Trading Partners” and the $119.3 million program for the “Teaching of Traditional American History initiative” respectively (McCluskey, cited in Caruba, 2004, August 4). This also shows how other students in this area seem to benefit largely while the rest suffer.
On the other hand, the only way by which to veer away from federal control is to refuse the very money gathered through taxes paid by local citizens. This definitely does not pose a constructive method by which to resolve this issue.
Educational reforms cannot be seen despite the provision of large funding allocated for education. As educators then, the emphasis should not be placed on what is lacking but what can be done in the midst of having limited resources. The process by which teachers are selected and hired should reflect quality and competency so that they are able to train student’s basic skills. Teachers can also veer away from discrimination against poor students by giving their best effort despite their economic standing.
Another way to operate despite scarce resources is to generate the support of local community and the parents. Most of the time, they are more than willing to give material and intangible services to help the school in its operation. Finally, creating a school culture that is geared towards academic excellence and practical skills development will help graduates become better prepared for the future.
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