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Secondary Education and History of Schools - Essay Example

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Secondary Education and History of Schools Content Outline I. Introduction A. Education as a process of acquiring knowledge B. Progressivism regaining importance after humanistic education C. Change in educational trends with emergence of globalization D. Compulsory education for children E…
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Secondary Education and History of Schools
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"Secondary Education and History of Schools"

Download file to see previous pages II. History of schools and past educational trends A. Education considered a luxury in the past B. Schools differentiated on basis of curriculum and religious orientation C. Establishment of classroom rules under progressivism D. Educational trends changes since 1600 E. Uneducated teachers in 17th century F. Minister’s training school during ‘Great Awakening’ G. Boston Latin Grammar School in 1635 H. English academies teaching children of middle class I. Conflict between Greek and English academies J. Importance given to specific subjects: Arithmetic and Languages K. Introduction of Secondary school and Boston School in 1821 III. Progressivism and development of secondary schools A. Division of secondary education into middle and high school B. Professional education with English, Mathematics, social Studies and Foreign language as subjects C. Inspired by educational system specified under Pedagogical Progressivism D. Development of learning skill through inclusion of various subjects E. Current American secondary educational trend influenced by progressivism IV. Existing philosophies in Education A. Educational structure inspired by philosophy of ‘foundation of educational theories’ B. Aristotle: Performing geometry and justice for happiness C. Influential on current educational trend of having practical applications for Geometry D. Philosophy of normative education related to current educational trend V. Brown vs. Board of Education A. Case of racial discrimination on education in 1954 B. Negroes and White American students differentiated in schools C. Violation of fourteenth Amendment Law D. Reforms in educational laws and trend after the case E. Prohibition of racism and equal opportunities F. Development of integrated public secondary education system VI. Conclusion A. Study of relevant subjects in America for successful career B. Inspired by progressivism and past educational trends C. Existing education philosophies and history influences current secondary education system D. Influential on academic current academic curriculum E. Integrated public education system an outcome of Dan Brown case of 1954 VII. References Introduction Education is a term broadly used to describe the phenomenon of acquiring knowledge. Educational theories such as progressivism concerned with the process of learning by doing have regained importance with introduction of humanistic education. They have lost popularity with emergence of WWI (Reed, 2011). With globalization new technologies have been adopted and this has led to a change in educational trends. Compulsory education for the children was not a phenomenon of the past. There has been an expansion of basic schooling as well as pre-school education. This has been mainly due to more investments and building and development of overall infrastructure (Torres, 2008). US were the first country to start secondary education among the masses. Before that there was experimentation with variety of educational systems. This secondary education is in fact something beyond elementary education which gave importance to reading, writing as well as social goals of life (Mintz, n.d). This was opening up of secondary education along with its academic curriculum of various useful subjects has its affiliations to educational theories such as progressivism which put forward the purpose of schooling as cooperation (Reed, 2011).Thus opening up of se ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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