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History of black education in the british north american colonies - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: HISTORY OF BLACK Education History of Black Education in the British North American Colonies [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] History of Black Education in the British North American Colonies The colonization of the North America by the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland led to the formation of thirteen nascent colonies which inhabited largely by independent farmers, substantial number of population of African slaves and aboriginal people besides the greater population of English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry…
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History of black education in the british north american colonies
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Extract of sample "History of black education in the british north american colonies"

Download file to see previous pages Thus with the formation of the colonies in the North America, diversified people came under the same government and its respective policies. Given the state of the colonies soon after its formation and the entire political scenario of the North America, it was very important to construct a uniting force and direct the future of the citizens into a better direction ensuring equality, human rights, and better quality of living. Moreover, Todorov (1999) states that it was necessary to make an effort to erase the memories of the darker days and instill hope in the citizens. Education was the available means to fight the approaching problems and destroy the seeds of discrimination. Since the North American colony had a good number of black populations against a considerable number of white people so, it was very important to bring them at par with them and not let them feel being discriminated. Hence, this paper “Black Education in British North America” came into being which will refer to several data and information to study the formation of the British North American colonies, the prevalent education system, the history of educating the ‘black population’. It would focus on the structural differences that the black children face in their education, the measures taken to diminish the differences, the extent of its success and the factors which brought about the change. Formation of the British North American Colonies The colonization of North America by the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland was a culminated result of a lengthy series of attempts and colonization drives by claimants more than one. According to Taylor (2001) the colonization drive in North America began in the year 1607 in the place called Jamestown, in Virginia and gradually colonies were established throughout the entire stretch of America. In America, British were considered as one of the most important colonizers since they established colonies over the largest area and posed a rivalry situation with the Spanish American Colonies in respect to economic and military power. As a result colonization of the America spread over a larger area, with a formidable reach, the British colony in North America gave room for the existence of three types of colonies, namely, charter colonies, proprietary colonies and the royal colonies. The diversity in the types of people, social, economical, and background provided the reasons for chaos and conflict among them on minor or major scale. The colonization drive by the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland, before the Acts of Union in 1707, led to the formation of the British North America colonies that was comprised of the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York. The formation of the thirteen colonies, with brought together people from not only different states but also people with varied backgrounds – social, economica ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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