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Employment Law for Animal Care - Essay Example

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This research “Employment Law for Animal Care” dwells on the rights of animal care and service workers and the pertinent laws relevant in their work environment. On some occasions, despite media attention, certain discriminatory practices are still observed…
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Employment Law for Animal Care
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Download file to see previous pages We share different cultures and beliefs inherited from our forefathers. It is one’s sovereign right to gain entry to a job of choice that he has been prepared for. The Anti-Discrimination law allows every man to share equal rights in the workplace by citing potential discriminatory acts committed by employers that are definitely punishable. In the case of animal care keepers and service workers in zoos, more specifically their jobs entail the preparation of the respective diets of animals, cleaning the enclosures or cages, raise their young, monitor eating patterns, physical ailments and ensure the safety of the visiting public. Keepers also serve as guides and ensure the safety of the visiting public. Depending on the zoo keepers they may be assigned to work on a broad group of animals or may work on a limited collection. Animal trainers are also hired to train animals for riding; performance and entertainment; and the process sometimes take months and even years of repetition. Employers would often see that a job that requires broad responsibilities would entail a man’s hand to do the work.

The advent of sex discrimination legislation in the United Kingdom and the European region in general saw significant cultural changes across the workplace. When the European Convention on Human Rights recognized individuals other than the traditional gender classification of male and female a ground breaking law was established. Under the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) and the Employment Equality Regulations (2003). ...
1975)1 and the Employment Equality Regulations (2003)2, the limitation of a woman's right to practice her knowledge and skills by virtue of sexual classification as the weaker sex is prohibited. To discriminate a person by virtue of her sex is tantamount to an insult on her person. It is a woman's civil right to choose a career of her own and to earn for herself and her family just like any man. With the advent of this law, we can now see a lot of women allowed to excel in their chosen fields.

We share different cultures and beliefs inherited from our forefathers. It is one's sovereign right to gain entry to a job of choice that he has been prepared for. Race Relations Act (RRA1976)3 allows every man to share equal rights in the workplace by prohibiting racial discrimination of workers. Gone are the days when colored workers are separated from the whites. Asians and Mexicans are no longer restricted to work anywhere they like. Everyone is given the opportunity to exercise one's profession or training despite his racial origin. This act creates inter-dependence among men of different cultural backgrounds to share their expertise in the workplace thereby affording the country a stable economic stature. Discrimination also materializes as well during the recruitment and selection process by denying or subjecting a person to a detriment or loss of opportunity similarly in the case of Chanya, a Kenyan woman whose application as a zookeeper at the Middlesex Zoo was turned down despite excellent training and qualification most likely owing to her gender and race.

It should be noted that under the employment-related purposes, the Sexual Discrimination Act has been changed by the Sexual Discrimination Act (Burden of Proof) Regulations 2001(SI 2001 No. 2660)4. As the name ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Employment Law for Animal Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words)
Employment Law for Animal Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words.
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