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To Be a Therapist - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “To Be a Therapist” the author discusses the method of Person Centred Counselling by Carl Rogers. It is based on the understanding that every individual is unique and is capable of doing the best for himself even under difficult circumstances…
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To Be a Therapist
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Extract of sample "To Be a Therapist"

Download file to see previous pages "Rogers is holistic in his thinking, tending to look at the complete organism in order to understand and explain behavior. He believes that humans are innately good and that they are growth orientated. Phenomenological understands the individual perception of reality. Determinism, cause and effect relationships in having freedom, the organism has an actualizing tendency"
This approach depends on the assumption that given the proper circumstances and understanding, a person is capable of finding solutions for his inner problems and nothing could be a long-lasting cure. The main theory under which the Person-centered counseling works is that the patient is fully capable of handling his problems and monitoring his future growth. It believes that the main authority here is not the psychologist, but the patient himself and counseling goes on according to the patient's observations about himself. It believes that all people might not have had a highly favorable condition to develop, grow and manage their lives and might feel stifled, or might have developed a very difficult, punishing self-identity that might not be easy to maintain at all times and under all circumstances. When personal experiences are not conducive with the self-identity of the person, psychological problems occur because the individual is unable to cope with the experiences and still maintain the personal identity to which he has become accustomed to, or of which he had certain self-confidence and pride. The self-concept of the person clashes with the experiences he is going through and this might make the self-worth plummet down in his opinion and acceptance might become difficult. His judgment of his self-worth gets shaken because he cannot feel comfortable with it anymore, as its fundamental base has not been firm recently.
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To Be a Therapist Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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