Dance Movement and Art Therapies - Assignment Example

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The paper contains a summary of "Dance/movement and art therapies as primary expressions of the self" article by Robbins who offered a structure of multi-model therapy helping creative art therapist to be more effective with their patients consist of a wide spectrum of the population.  …
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Dance Movement and Art Therapies
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The patients in this level of primary process communication, the creative arts therapy connection creates a bridge to safely explore the primitive mother-child.

Robbins Described a therapeutic workplace, in which the interaction between patient and therapist is based on sensory, affective and expressive experiences. He designed a creative framework depends mainly on non-traditional approaches to treatment.
Therapists must find a key to a patient's primary connection. The medium of expression becomes an extension of the mirroring process.
Robbins explores the concept of therapeutic presence, and the therapist's ability to maintain it. therapeutic presence requires openness and awareness of the space between therapist and patient, therapists in order to find more successful interactions with patients. It is an experience of energy that may cause the opening, locking, or disrupting the field of therapeutic contact.
Movement and art are two forms of expression that meet and join one another on a sensory, kinesthetic level. The end goal remains the same; to provide a transitional space that can shape the ongoing therapeutic evolution that opens up the affective, sensory-motor pathway of self and other.       Read More
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(Dance Movement and Art Therapies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 294 Words)
Dance Movement and Art Therapies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 294 Words.
“Dance Movement and Art Therapies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 294 Words”, n.d.
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