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Fieldwork Skills and Supervision - Essay Example

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This essay "Fieldwork Skills and Supervision" dwells on the skills gained while going through the supervision module. Admittedly, the essay focuses on the individual experience as a participant-observer in a dance movement psychotherapy session placed in the Day Centre…
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Fieldwork Skills and Supervision
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Extract of sample "Fieldwork Skills and Supervision"

Download file to see previous pages One particular area of emphasis in these sessions is the use of touching, which builds an additional effective level of connection between therapist and patient (Popa M and Best P, 2010). The therapist and I would use massage to warm up the clients’ backs and other muscles. This posed challenges at times because some of the patients would refuse physical contact. In the beginning, I had difficulty with touching all of the clients, but it became easier over time as I developed more confidence. The afternoon session followed a similar schedule.
My role in this session was that of a trainee dance movement psychotherapist. In general, the main goal of these sessions was to develop consistency as a group, so that participants would feel a sense of trust and belonging as part of a team (Burns CA, 2012). This gives patients the chance to improve their social skills in expression, communication and forming relationships. Another area of need is improving and expanding the range of motion available to each patient. Obviously, attendance is very important for patients to show development over time. Also, ensuring that each session has a clear structure from beginning to end maximizes the efficient use of each patient’s time, particularly using the beginning and the end to help patients understand and realize their own areas of improvement (Burns CA, 2012). The patients build trust through having fun and feeling safe when it comes to expressing feelings and needs (Barton EJ, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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