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The Profession of Massage Therapist and Foundations of Massage - Term Paper Example

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The writer states that massage therapy is an area that opens its practitioner to a lot of potential legal liabilities in the tort of negligence and trespass because of the constant physical contact with clients inherent in the job…
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The Profession of Massage Therapist and Foundations of Massage
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Extract of sample "The Profession of Massage Therapist and Foundations of Massage"

Download file to see previous pages A massage therapist must mentally discipline himself and nurture certain attitude towards the practice. He must be professional, perceptive, prepared, organized, knowledgeable, accurate and fair. Professionalism entails a respectful attitude towards clients, in this case, the rugby players, at all times. The massage therapist at Selby College, for example, albeit friendly with the players, never loses that certain degree of deference towards the players, always mindful of the fact that he is the service provider and the players, his clients. The maintenance of that certain atmosphere earns the therapist the respect and the trust of the players. Being perceptive and organized is also because it makes the work easier despite the fact that there are many clients with varied personalities and needs to tend to. To further foster professionalism, and sense in this case, the massage therapist handles a group of rugby players, he must see to it that he must treat all the clients with equal respect and regard.

A successful massage therapy necessarily begins with a plan. A therapist must have a plan for each and every client on his list. One very helpful thing to do is to keep a record of each and every client to keep track of the kinds of services performed on them and ensure that they responded to each player’s particular problem. The therapist must also inquire into the medical background of his clients to properly adjust treatment accordingly, although in this particular case, the rugby players are expected to be at the peak of their health. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to be on the safe side and ask clients about their medical history or problems. But whatever the message the therapist has chosen to approach in response to the needs of the client, he or she must have prior consent from the client.

A good communication system between therapist and player is equally important because it allows both parties to understand each other. The therapist must, for example, ask the client his exact needs, the specific areas of his body that do feel sore and tense and which he thinks the therapist must focus on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Profession of Massage Therapist and Foundations of Massage Term Paper.
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