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International Student Support - Essay Example

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The research on which this report is based concentrates on international students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are currently enrolled on programmes that focus on teaching the English Language. International students enrich the learning process by sharing cultural norms and life experiences, differing communication styles and distinct learning styles (Violet and Ang 1998, Purdie 2000, Baron and Strout-Dapaz 2001, Cameron and Meade 2003); however, the students from UAE are failing to enrich the learning process for themselves due to the language barrier…
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International Student Support
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Download file to see previous pages This research demonstrated that students from United Arab Emirates had little choice or input in the choice of course and college, and this affected the ability to motivate themselves for the course. Some of these students probably have no interest in learning English, and the research shows that there is a preference to learn more practical subjects such as engineering as they would be immediately useful in their home country. . The students from the United Arab Emirates are also restricted by their respective armies in terms of movement, and this restricts their ability to integrate with other students. For instance, the other part-time students will have experienced similar processes from pre-arrival to induction and this process would have allowed them to construct relationships. The part-time students are also able to work, and this experience increases their use of the English language as they are using it in the practical context. Therefore, the lack of integration and choice is severely hampering the ability of the UAE students to access the college's service support.

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The research on which this report is based concentrates on international students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are currently enrolled on programmes that focus on teaching the English Language. This group has been selected because of the unique enrolment process they undertake. They also constitute a significant proportion of full-time English language students at Salisbury College. Most of these students are this college as it has been chosen by the military organisation they represent, and therefore they have had no choice in the selection. Salisbury College is one of twelve colleges that receive army personnel for technical training through a private army contract. These students' first language is Arabic and they were selected in their respective states for tuition at this college.
As the choice to attend Salisbury College was not an individual choice, these students have not gone through the normal application route, which would have involved contact with Student Services, which would have helped them arrange their visas, police registration and other details. Instead this has all been centrally, and all they had to do was to get on a plane and attend lessons. As a result of the omission of this important step, these students are presenting with a different set of issues when compared to other international students. For instance, they feel isolated because their English is noticeably poorer than other students, and this probably stems from the lack of integration and socialising which would have been arranged by the college's Student Services. They feel no arrangements have been made to involve them with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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