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The Efficaciousness of the Proposed Socio-Educational Student Support System - Research Paper Example

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The research will focus on the international e-learners, as in students who have enrolled in a university which is located in a country other than that of their residence or nationality. According to Gilbert increasing numbers of Third World learners are turning to the e-educational paradigm…
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The Efficaciousness of the Proposed Socio-Educational Student Support System
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Extract of sample "The Efficaciousness of the Proposed Socio-Educational Student Support System"

Download file to see previous pages The distance education enterprise, or online learning system, does not deviate from the traditional learning model, although some aspects of it are redefined. As Anderson (2004) explains, within the context of online learning, the learning occurs through the same teacher-student model. The teacher delivers the information, guides and instructs the student and the learner is expected to assimilate, reflect upon and learn the information in question. The primary difference between the two models, as may be inferred from both Ally (2004) and Anderson (2004) lies in delivery strategy and environment, rather than in the general theory regarding learning and teaching. In other words, online learning is not founded on an alternate learning theory but is grounded in the same one, or the same set of theories as is traditional learning, with the primary difference being in the format of the student to student and student to instructor/tutor interaction. Both figures indicate that there are high levels of interaction in the e-learning system, whether between student and content, teacher and content, teacher and student and, to a lesser degree, student and student. This means that the e-learning paradigm is based on the traditional learning model although it unfolds within a different context and delivery strategy/environment. It is the difference in context and environment which gives e-learners the impression that they do not have the requisite support systems and which, accordingly, contribute to non-completion rates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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