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The general learning courses which I have gained both in CUNY/College of Staten Island and Seymour Institute of American Sign Language all contribute to my career goal as a computer assisted real time transcriptionist (CART)…
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Academic expectations
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The general learning s which I have gained both in CUNY/College of n Island and Seymour Institute of American Sign Language all contributeto my career goal as a computer assisted real time transcriptionist (CART). Before taking any course, I always consider how it will build and enhance my strengths and competencies in order to equip me with the much needed knowledge and skill to support my professional goal.
During my stay at CUNY, I have taken ten units in American Sign Language. Being a CART, I believe that I must be able to interact with my future students by being able to understand what they cannot express verbally. Thus, it requires me to have a mastery of sign language in order to understand their emotions and comfort level during lessons. Also, by being adept in sign language, I can also communicate to them in a way that they most understand noting that there might be some words that they still cannot comprehend. Both of these courses are 5 units and meet the 4 EDU minimum.
With my quest for mastery, I have continued taking American Sign Language in Seymour Institute of American Sign Language. I can say that the course which I took in this second institution are far more advanced, enabling me to get in-depth knowledge and equip me with better skills in sign language. In addition, I have also complemented these courses with introductory subjects in interpreting. I believe that communication is two-way and as much I know how to express myself, I will also need to interpret the actions and expressions of my students.
An internship, which allowed me to utilize my knowledge and skills gained from the courses have also become beneficial for my academic and future professional growth. It has enabled me to experience communicating first hand with the deaf as well as exposed me to the difficulties and challenges faced in non-verbal communications.
I believe that all the courses I have taken contribute to providing me with ample amount of knowledge towards my career goal. All the courses have been significant in furnishing me with the ability to develop healthy relationship with people especially those who cannot hear and communicate through words. I believe that aside from academic gains, I have been benefited through my growth emotionally and socially. Read More
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